Thursday, January 15, 2009


I gotta tell you, today I was going to blog about love today. True love. Or not so true love. True passion. Or not so true passion. True betrayal. Or not so true betrayal.

Actually it wasn't going to be that intense, but it was going to be about love. But now it is not. Why? Because something else came up.

It is zub teens today. We bundled up and went to playgroup and then went to the YMCA for a "picnic" lunch and workout. I finished my workout and headed out to the van with the boys. I spent 5 minute buckling a screaming Lincoln into his seat and then walked around the back of the van to get to the other sliding door to buckle the older boys in. I then went around to the driver's door. And that is when I finally noticed something was amiss. There were glass shards all over my seat. I glanced up and saw that the entire passenger side window was laying on the seat. In miniscule pieces.

Great. I got in and just sat there thinking things through. I glanced around and did a quick inventory. Radio/cd player? check. bag of trash? check. Odd assortment of papers? check. Even more odd assortment of umbrellas, hats, mittens? check. Work badge? check. stroller, sled, bike, trike and small car? check.

Nothing seemed to be missing. I really wanted to just drive home and deal with it there, especially since the baby was already almost asleep.

I gave Noah a courtesy call to let him know what was up and ask him about filing a police report.

Here is our conversation:

J- "My passenger window is shattered. Should I file a police report?"
N- "Is anything gone?"
J- "no"
N- "you probably should anyway"
J- "I think I will just go home."
N- "you can't drive home with no window with the kids in the car."
J- "yes I can"
N- "no, Julie, you can't. And you won't"
J- "actually I can and I will. Do you know how long it took me to get the baby in his seat? I am not going to do that again."
N- "you can not drive home without something over that window. Go into the Y and see if you can get some tape and a bag or cardboard or something."
J- Why don't you just get me the number for the police department?
N- "you can't drive home like that. The kids will be too cold. They don't have proper winter gear on."
J- "Noah, I don't put mittens and hats ON the kids, but everyone has 1-2 pairs of mittens, and a hood and a hat in the van!"
N- "I am surprised, but you still need to get the window covered."

So I drug them all out kicking and screaming without kicking and screaming myself. Do you know why? Because I remembered the passages in the Bible about submission. And I have been reading a lot about it. And I am really bad at it, but I am trying to get better. Also, Noah has never sounded so unyielding before. He may give suggestions but he never tells me what I can and cannot do. So I was slightly startled.

Anyway, we went in and the KidsStuff staff took the kids from me and got them all settled in and comforted back in the room and I went to talk to the desk and wait for the police. Guess what? the YMCA custodian went out to my car with a shopvac and cleaned up all the glass for me and covered my window with a bag. Wasn't that so nice? I LOVE my Y, and even more so now.

What I learned today?
1. The Y is a good place to have a car problem
2. Noah can put his foot down about things occasionally
3. Things actually turned out better when I listened to him instead of following my own plan
4. Sometimes, when it is zub teens, it is better just to stay home.


Karla said...

oh Julie I am glad you and the boys are ok! How scary...Good job listening to Noah, he was right you know! I can't wait to read the love blog(:

Anonymous said...

Not never just rarely.

I value your intelligence, your intuition and your dilligence. I value not feeling like I need to tell you what to do.

Love you.

Billi Jo said...

It is refreshing to know someone else is willing to admit their LOVE for the Y, and are still willing to submit to their husband. It is an extraordinary kind of woman to know when to listen, even though it means twice as much work.

Stefan and Sharon Kern said...

I can't believe it is so cold there! And can hardly really truly imagine what cold feels like right now. While you're trying to keep your kids warm, I'm here giving mine several showers a day and letting them run around the house in their underwear! But despite the obvious difference in temperatures, I'm always struck by the similarities in our lives right now when I read your blog!

Thia said...

Hopped over from Mrs. Jo. Sorry about that window. Any idea how it happened?
I noticed that your kids were all born on the 22nd. Made me laugh. My first was a 16th baby, but my son and daughter were both born on August 22 (2006/2008), so of course, I had to leave a comment for you.

Heidi said...

It's so true. The zubteens are destined to give you bad karma. I never leave the house if it feels the slightest bit chilly. It just feels wrong.