Thursday, July 31, 2008

Deacon's Preschool Plan

Deacon is 4 1/2 now, so I am going to start doing some more "organized" preschool with him this fall. I have decided to have monthly themes and just weave all subjects into those themes. I asked Deacon what he would like to learn in preschool. He gave me three things he wanted to learn: 1. How to call all of the people he knows on the phone. 2. How to make his bed and 3. How to make pretty pictures like the ones on our walls.

We read a lot, but I am going to start getting more nonfiction from the library. These are my guidelines, but I will adjust and change things as needed. For example, if he is ready to learn to read in September, we will go for it! I also want to include Roman as much as he is interested.

Deacon will also have his Cubbie work from church and Gym and Swim. I also hope to become a little more organized with their household jobs this fall and maybe add an allowence. We will see!

So here is the plan (by the way, I made this plan in under 10 minutes. Feel free to remind me of anything I may have forgotten). I am sure I will be doing a lot of adding and subtracting!:

SEPTEMBER: Weather Month

* Daily weather predictions and learning how to use the online weather tools
* 30 day weather notebook
* Working with Noah on taking pictures of sky
* Writing out weather related words
* counting and adding related to weather theme (ie: How many windy days this week etc.)
* Books from the library about weather
* Possibly a field trip to the local TV station

OCTOBER: Calendar Month

* Books from library about Seasons
* Make a calendar
* Make a Seasons themed book
* Learn months, days, seasons
* Writing out months, days, seasons
* Learn how numbers work on a calendar
* Introduce reading a clock

NOVEMBER: Domestic Month

*Learn address, phone number
*Concentrate on simple household chores
* Learn etiquette for placing phone calls
* Teach about 911 and emergencies
* Books about 911 and emergencies
* Possible field trip to Police Station
* Review Shapes and Colors

DECEMBER: Christmas and Cooking

* Books about Christmas
* Cooking with kids
* Teaching simple cooking related math
* Write out some favorite recipes (or use pictures)
* Christmas cards and crafts

JANUARY: Animal Emphasis

* Animal math games
* Animal classifications (mammels, reptiles etc)
* Field trip to pet store, aquarium etc.
* Possibly purchase a fish??!!
* Lots of animal books from library
* Animal crafts
* Writing out animal names, matching with pictures etc

FEBRUARY: Math Emphasis/History Emphasis

* Lots of math games
* Biographies from the library
* Writing Deacon's own biography

MARCH: Alphabet/Reading

* more concentrated work on phonics if he is interested
* Make alphabet book with Deacon and Roman
* Lots of reading

APRIL: Science emphasis

* Plants!
* Starting indoor flowers
* Learn about how things grow etc.
* Lots of reading on plants, growth etc.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

100 things about me

1. I often overestimate how much I can get done in 1 day

2. I make a lot of lists

3. I struggle with clutter. I blame this on a foolish decision I made long ago.

4. Long ago I had a Rainbow Brite Sprite. (Question: What can kill a sprite?)

5. Long ago my sister and I played a game with the sprite. It's name was Red Nose Tweaks.

6. Long ago I wanted money.

7. Long ago I sold my Red Nose Tweaks at a garage sale.

8. I have always regretted selling the Sprite at the garage sale.

9. Now I struggle with clutter.

10. I married a man who is very thoughtful.

11. He bought me a Sprite on ebay. But I still struggle with clutter.

12. I like to save my money

13. One time my sister wanted a little kitten in a basket. She had no money

14. I had money so I bought the kitten in the basket, even though I don't like cats

15. I just wanted to flaunt that I had money.

16. I have never been athletic

17. In 5th grade softball I pitched once at practice. I was really good.

18. I pitched the next day in a game. I stunk.

19. 16 years later I tried to pitch during a softball game. I was 9 months pregnant and they made me quit.

20. I am trying to discover my inner athlete.

21. I like goals

22. I just had to go upstairs and take the cinnemon sugar bowl away from my 2 year old. He was eating it in his crib.

23. I worry about my 2 year old

24. But then I remember that I like to eat sugar straight up too.

25. I don't eat sugar in my bed though.

26. I go back to worrying about my 2 year old.

27. My husband and I used to write letters to each other in jr. high and high school

28. We still have all the letters.

29. My husband won't read them. I will.

30. I liked my husband in 7th grade.

31. I like him better now.

32. I don't buy paper towels

33. I scoffed at my husband when he said he wanted two computer monitors at home

34. Now I love my 2 monitors

35. I thought it was a little excessive when I got a pair of Keen Sandals

36. My Keen sandals are my favorite item of apparel I own

37. I never have diapers when I need them.

38. I never can find anything in my purse

39. I never can find my cell phone.

40. I really wanted a Keen bag.

41. Noah bought me the Keen bag for Mother's Day

42. I was told that the Keen bag would not make me more organized.

43. I am not more organized with my Keen bag.

44. But I do feel cooler.

45. I keep my cell phone in my car

46. Even when I am not in my car

47. I always miss calls on my phone.

48. I like preschoolers

49. I love to watch my children interact with other children

50. My favorite time of day is the evenings

51. I love children's books

52. My husband bought me "Are you My Mother?" for Mother's Day when I was newly pregnant with Deacon.

53. I am an ICU nurse

54. I don't always have a good sense of what normal people think is disgusting

55. It doesn't bother me if my baby pees on me. It is just sweet baby pee. I've seen worse.

56. I can eat a hamburger and french fries for breakfast without batting an eye

57. I will go to parties (tupperware, pampered chef etc) but I will not host one.

58. I have never successfully made Amish Friendship Bread.

59. I always try to complete the complicated process of AFB

60. I walk fast

61. I have a family that God made slow

62. I don't like snakes or rodents

63. I have to call strange men over to kill snakes on my property (I use the word "strange" lightly, Mike)

64. My husband calls me a poor snob

65. That means I look down on people that spend too much money on things.

66. I am working on not being a poor snob while maintaining my ideals of frugality

67. I have a lot of cooking disasters

68. Sometimes I feel like my life should be grander, bigger, more amazing then it is

69. But then I look at all I have and think it is pretty amazing already.

70. I am more of a big picture person

71. I am easily bogged down with details

72. Sometimes I have to pass along details to other people

73. Once I have other people covering the details, I can move on to my next big plan

74. I once made my 4 year old wear my extra shoes into REI because he had forgotten to put his on.

75. People sometimes think my children look like clowns

76. My childrens grandmas are always washing their faces. (I think they think they look like orphans)

77. I am really tired of washing faces.

78. And hands.

79. And other things.

80. I do a lot of laundry.

81. I don't always separate the lights from the whites and the darks from the towels.

82. Sometimes I don't even separate the lights from the darks (shh...don't tell)

83. I figure that the chocolate milk stain on the white shirt kind of makes it a dark, and the koolaid on the kahki sort of turns it into a red anyway.

84. I love my mini van

85. When I forget to ask for a lap counter at the YMCA, I keep track of my laps on my fingers

86. My husband thinks it looks dorky to count laps on my fingers.

87. I think it is dorky not to know how far you have run.

88. I get bogged down in papers.

89. I won't spend over $20 for a pair of jeans.

90. I have never seen the movie "Speed" *gasp*

91. I did once hear the whole plot of the movie "Speed" from a guy at Arbys

92. I live in a chronic state of dehydration

93. I think my goal for the next week is going to hydrate myself

94. I don't know how long it will last because I don't have time to pee.

95. We lived in Terre Haute, IN for a couple of years.

96. I have never cried, or been tempted to cry when my kids get their vaccines

97. I have worked out a plan for how to save my children if our mini van should ever become submerged in some sort of Lake/Pond/River situation

98. I used to go on a lot of walks and to a lot of garage sales

99. I now have children that can climb out of their strollers.

100. I never go to bed when I say I need to.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Wrong Sport

We are less then 2 weeks away from race day and we are starting to get nervous. What if we panic? What if we can't finish? What if we are last? What if it is a lot harder then we could ever imagine? What if we get flat tires?

There is not much we can do about it at this point, but still the questions remain.

I have been doing some reading though and can you believe that the annual mean income for triathletes (according to a survey in 2006) is $161,000?! I think we are in the wrong sport - it is just too tempting to buy all the "proper" gear. If you are just focusing on 1 thing there is only so much to buy - with 3 legs of the journey, the possibilities are endless!

All I can say is, this better not be our last event!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pizza Hut: An Attempt at a Dining Experience

*Kids have free personal pan pizza coupons from the library reading program
*The kids like pizza
*Deacon loves restaurants
*We had no other plans for supper

*Perfect time to go to Pizza Hut for for a lovely family dinner.

Here is what happened:

Pull into the parking lot.

Noah: "hope we can get a table!" (smirk, smirk)

Julie rolls eyes (note: only 2 cars in the parking lot)

We walk in.

Deacon: "Wow! This is a FANCY place! Look! They have fruits and vegetables!" (admiring the salad bar)

Waitress: "4 1/2? Would you like a booth or a table?"

Noah: "one of the corner booths, please"

*we are seated at Noah's nostalgic corner booth. Unfortunantly, it is within 2 year old arm reach of the neon sign*

Julie: "Roman, turn around. Stop messing with the sign"

Then we have a long conversation with the waitress about drinks and whether or not they have chocolate milk in stock. She doesn't think that they do.

Noah: "Roman, don't lick the top of the parmeson cheese. Julie, why don't you come and sit down here so we are not at opposite ends of the table?" (I come down and sit across from him, please note that.)

Julie: "What do you want on your pizzas? Pepperoni? Roman, don't unplug the sign! Turn around, man!"

Waitress: "are you ready to order?"

Deacon: "I want cheesy bread"

Julie: "No. We have the coupons, remember? Cute little personal pizzas. That is what we are getting. Roman, stop climbing the back of the booth!"

Waitress leaves

Noah: "Roman, you are going to spill that! Keep your straw in your cup!"

Deacon gets up and walks away.

Noah: "Where are you going?"

Deacon: "I gotta go to the bathroom"

Noah: "ok, I will take you" they exit

Roman: "where is our car?" (looking out the window) "oh, there it is. Where is more cars? Oh, I guess there are some driving."

Roman climbs down and starts walking away.

Julie: "Roman, where are you going?"

Roman: "I need to go potty"

Thankfully, before I had to haul the baby out of his seat, Noah came back with Deacon and quickly exited again with Roman.

Deacon: "That bathroom was just beautiful. They had pictures in there. It reminded me of the bathrooms in Space Aliens where there are so many pictures"

*note: Deacon likes flowery bathrooms and pictures. We have neither. He is very anti girly for himself, but he loves to compliment me when I wear a dress with flowers on it and he is quick to compliment a hostess who has a flowery bathroom.*

Noah: (back from the bathroom) "Roman, be careful with your drink. Please"

Noah: "can we get some more napkins here?"

Noah: "Roman, you have to be more careful. Don't tip it that way."

Noah: "Roman, you are going to spill your juice. Just hold it like this and suck on the straw."

Unfortunantly, at that precise moment, as Noah reached over the table to help Roman, he knocked over his full glass of pop. All over the table and all over me. (Remember, he had invited me to his end of the table.)

Julie (laughing hysterically): "Now that was ironic!"

Noah: "well, I am glad you think this is funny."

Deacon: "Dad, do you need some more napkins down there?"

Pizza arrives

Deacon: "Oh, they are so cute! AHHHHH"

Julie: "What's wrong?"

Deacon "I have a problem."

somehow Deacon had managed to get fruit punch all over the front and back of his shorts in a splash pattern. He must have spilled some and then thrashed around in it.

Noah and Julie eat

20 min later

Noah: "Guys, between the 3 of you, you have eaten less then one slice of a personal pan pizza. Are you going to eat any more?"

Roman picks up the babies discarded piece, licks it and puts it back on the table. He then turns back to the neon sign.

Julie (still laughing): "Well, I guess we have supper for tomorrow night too!"

The end.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Beach Day!

We went to the chlorinated pond on Friday. It was kind of cool because when we arrived it was raining and so we were the only ones on the beach. Well, us and the seagulls. As soon as the rain stopped all of the mini vans that had been circling the parking lot parked and invaded our private beach. We had to go to the beach despite the rain because it had been carefully planned so that Lincoln could go to my moms house while we went. (thanks, Mom!) It had also been carefully planned so that two of my friends could go along. So we went, and it was too bad that it rained, but we still had fun.

This is Liz. The boys call her Teacher Liz because she co-teaches Deacon's Sunday School class. We like to hang out with her and the boys talk about her a lot. In fact, one time we went with her to the mall and a fancy park and they still talk about "the places where Teacher Liz took us". I like that she is willing to do stuff with me even though there are a lot of little guys with us!


This is Becki. She has been a friend of mine for a long time, but she just got married so we haven't seen her as much. The boys were so happy to have her hang out with us for the morning. Let me point out now that you can see from the picture that Becki is a small person. I just wanted to make that clear.

Here are the boys and Becki on the tire swing. I had to post this picture because Deacon was having some issues with his trunks, and this picture seemed the least offensive. All my boys have problems with their trunks. I think it is because they are usually hand me downs and the elastic is often shot.

Noah buying him the sweatband didn't stick. He still wears my headbands.

Deacon was sitting on Becki's back while she was swimming. I said, "oh, Roman, look. It looks like Deacon is riding a dolphin!". Roman says, "no, Mom!" She's not a dolphin! She's a whale. A humpback Whale!"

Well, I'd better get going. I have a lot to do: 1. Teach boys to wear underwear 2. Teach boys to keep their swimming trunks hoisted up 3. Teach boys that we don't pee in bushes (unless specifically told to by mommy or daddy) 4. Teach boys not to refer to girls/women as whales.

This may take some time.

Thanks Liz and Becki for coming with us! We had fun!

Friday, July 25, 2008

New Pictures!

Lincoln and cousin Ben inspecting something. I love Lincoln's little feet.

No one is screaming, so they must have both been satisfied with the distribution of property.

Deacon with his new Spiderman blanket from Janet. He LOVES it!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blog Anniversary Day!

1 year ago today I started blogging. The plan was just to post some pictures and cute kid stories for my sis in Brazil to read and so that the out of town relatives could see pictures of the kids without me having to send them. But for me it has changed into something more personal, and now I really enjoy blogging and connecting with others in bloggy land. Noah thinks it is funny. He never thought it would stick. And I thought he would do more of the blogging, since he likes to write. But it really is my site, not his and now I am a little possessive about it. He is allowed to post, but he really should get permission first :) Of course he is allowed to comment as much as he likes, and he can get his 2 cents in that way.

My hundreth post flew by with no mention at all. In fact, I had no idea that it had come and gone until I saw that I was almost to 1 year and noticed how many posts I have written. So I was a little sad, because I missed the "100 facts about you" post that is supposed to happen on your 100th post. So I am going to do it today, in honor of the anniversary of The Antics of the Three 22nds!

1. I often over estimate how much I can get done in a day

to be continued...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

They Are Not Twins

We got home today from the beach and Deacon and Roman were both standing near the stairs that lead down to the play area. Deacon looks at Roman and kind of puts his hand out and says, "Do you know what I am thinking?" Roman looks at him for a split second and then says, "nothing".

I thought it was funny, but it didn't deter Deacon...he said, "no, Roman, I am thinking we should build a castle!" Roman said, "ok" and down they went.

We had a lovely time at the beach and eating a picnic lunch. It was especially nice because I didn't spend all of my time trying to convince Lincoln that he is not a dolphin. Grandma Debbie and Genna watched him...thank you!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My complex child

I may have written something about this before, but we call Deacon the puppy and Roman the cat. Deacon loves people, new situations, and everything FUN! He eagerly hugs and kisses and shows enthusiasm for most things. He will occasionally fall into a moment of hysteria if he is particularily disapointed or tired, but for the most part he is a good natured kid. We always know what he is thinking and feeling.

Roman is more crafty, more content to be on his own and is more difficult to read. Of course, some of that is due to him being younger with a smaller vocabulary. His speech has just been exploding however, so we are getting a lot more "clues" into who is and what he is thinking.

He hit me yesterday, for no apparent reason. I sent him to his room. He went quite readily, I think he sensed he needed some alone time to cool down. He came out after 5 min. I asked him if he was ready to apologize and play nicely. He crossed his little arms over his chest and said, "I still mad." Then he turned around, walked upstairs to his room and shut his door behind him. A few minutes later he came out of his room, apologized and went off to play. It just amazed me how he was able to clearly pinpoint his emotion, know that was HIS emotion that I couldn't control, and seemed to really understand that time alone was what he still needed (or was going to get!).

Deacon has always been a literalist. He does play stuff like Super heroes and house and stuff, but not to the extent that Roman does. Roman is all about imaginary play and is content to have his cars talk to each other and drive around together. That is not exciting enough for Deacon. Lately, though, Roman decides who he is going to be (Batman, Diego, Jay-Jay, Baby sheep , Captain Elliot) and then Deacon helps him assign everyone else to be ancillary characters. I get to be Alicia, Tracy, Mommy Sheep and Princess Eloise; Deacon gets to be the second best characters (2nd best from Roman's perspective) and the baby gets left with the weak and uninteresting characters- basically whoever is left.

But I have learned to use this imaginary play to my benefit. Interestingly enough, Roman may complain about using the potty chair when we are mommy and Roman, but when we are mommy sheep and baby sheep he is amazingly more compliant! Probably it is because I talk sweeter to him when I am mommy sheep and I talk about his wooly coat etc. He laps up the attention.

The 2 of them certainly clamor for attention in different ways. Deacon demands it with loud voice, ideas and his constant presence. When Roman is naughty, Roman is asking for attention. I have been trying to really spend 1:1 time with him, just cuddling and doing stuff that he likes to do. He seems to respond to that. Just like Deacon loves it when Noah or I sit down and do activities and play with him.

Now, the problem is that there is also a 14 month old in the picture that is INTO EVERYTHING! He has really started exerting himself and when he is not sleeping, he insists on being the center of attention- throwing himself dramatically on the floor, eating garbage and screaming loudly.

So today he was in his crib, supposed to be napping. I had told the older boys we could build a zoo out of legos. Deacon and I were working on it with great enthusiasm, when I noticed that Roman had slipped out. I heard the bathroom faucet briefly, but didn't think too much of it because Roman is notorious for liking to clean his toys. I heard the faucet again though, so I thought I had better check...even though I hated to leave Deacon in the middle of an activity that we were doing together. It seems like I am always having to go take care of one of the younger ones when we are trying to do something together. Anyway, I got upstairs to the bathroom and there was water everywhere! He had filled the sink, but then put a large toy boat in the sink, "to float it", but it was not a floatable boat so it had displaced all of the water ALL OVER! So I had to clean that up. On the plus side, the bathroom counter and floor and sink all got washed out of the deal!

Boy...taking care of 3 children and their different needs and personalities and conflicts is a lot of work!

By the way, on a side note- I have shopped and designed a supper menu for this week. So far I am 2 for 2 meals that were healthy! I will let you know at the end of the week how it went! Preparation is the problem for me- thawing the meat, having the ingredients etc. So last night I made Taco salad, but I browned 3 times the meat and froze it for other meals. And I put away the left over chips right away so they would be available for a different meal and not just snacked on all evening. Tonight was kabobs. I cut up a lot of chicken, marinated half of it for our supper and froze the rest in kabob size pieces so all I need to do next week is thaw and add the marinade!

Anyway, I have decided to conquer cooking healthy (at least kind of healthy) meals. I like challenges, so this is my newest one. I think I can do it :) I know all of this stuff, I have recipes...I just need to make myself do it!

Alright, this was kind of a weird post...but I just have a lot of different things on my mind tonight, I guess!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Yep, that is dirt and yes, those are his Sunday clothes. Who dropped the ball on that one?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yes, those are his underwear!

It is time to land. Can I stick it? Yes, I know I can!

I didn't stick it! I took a little step! Oh no, that wasn't a perfect 10!

Maybe they didn't notice?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

More Tee Ball

The runner on 3rd fielded the ball. Noah was asking for the ball back. Seems reasonable.

The kid did consider it, but then decided "no deal".

Look at the dust he is kicking up as he starts his dash down the baseline!

It took 3 of the neon team to chase down my little baseball star's hit!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Why I love my husband

1. Because he takes incredible pictures of airplanes. Doesn't that look photo shopped?
2. Because he coaches my son's tee ball team
3. Because he is more entertaining then my son to watch at tee ball games
4. Because he is so funny...
5. Because he almost always wins at Settlers! (I quit winning. Now I just like to keep it in the family)
6. Because he makes up his own jokes
7. Because he actually has questions and gets excited when I tell him I got to use a new ventilator at work that gives a patient 210breaths per MINUTE!
8. Because he rewashes the peanut butter knives for me when they don't get clean in the dishwasher.
9. Because he loads and unloads the dishwasher
10. Because he never says, "you overcommitted yourself". He just picks up a crayon and helps me color Veggie Pirate Posters.
11. Because he calmly assists me in all of my wild schemes (I am the race horse, he is the goat)
12. Because he buys me burritos when I need one. And ice cream. And starbursts.
13. Because he doesn't chastise me when I eat all of the starbursts and get sick.
14. Because when I said, "Let's do the LazyMan Tri" he said, "ok"
15. Because when I said, "Let's do a 5K on Christmas morning" he said, "What??? OK"
16. Because when I said, "Let's do an Olympic Triathlon" he said, "Are you crazy? Ok"
17. Because when I said, "I don't need a new bike" he said, "yes, you do"
18. Because he is willing to spend money (ok...that is not always a good thing, but it IS a quality that I don't have)
19. Because he can carry on a conversation with anybody
20. Because he admires my fine qualities :)
21. Because he doesn't think I am a bad mom when my 2 year old makes it to the top of a 7 foot fence
22. Because he inflates my bike tires. A lot.
23. Because he grills and cooks gourmet.
24. Because he cares about spiritual things
25. Because he is willing to listen to my rants.
26. Because he calms me down during my rants.
27. Because he changes diapers. A lot.
28. Because he doesn't insist on always watching movies that he likes
29. Because he understands uploading and downloading
30. Because he draws me pictures to explain why we should buy a certain camera
31. Because he truly loves to hang out with me
32. Because he does stuff with my family
33. Because he thinks that I am smart
34. Because he doesn't discourage me from my goals
35. Because he spends his free time with us
36. Because he laughed when I got a speeding ticket
37. Because he wanted to turn the whole driver class I can take so they rip up the speeding ticket into a mini vacation
38. Because he holds his principles very dear
39. Because he wears dorky tee shirts
40. Because he loves to grocery shop
41. Because he always gets up in the night to check on suspicious noises
42. Because if he wants the pizza, he orders it
43. Because if he gets home and there is no supper, he creates one or buys one without a single word.
44. Because he does not think that just because I stay home with the kids that I can actually get anything else done.
45. Because he helps with domestic tasks as well as his job
46. Because he reads stories with the boys
47. Because he is a formidable opponent in family dodgeball
48. Because he is a formidable opponent in any dodgeball
49. Because he plays hard.
50. Because he is less hard hearted and cynical then I am
51. Because he brought the little mouse to work
52. Because he is excellent at killing flys and mosquitoes
53. Because he doesn't mind if I wait in the car at places like The Source
More to come in another post...I gotta go!

Why I love my husband

coming later today!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tee ball pics

Tee ball is not just about the ball, sometimes it is about the gravel

Here is my boy on 1st base. Look at those little legs!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary Noah!

It is our 8th wedding anniversary today. I worked last night, slept this morning, hung out with my friends and their kids all afternoon and am now getting my computer time. Noah worked all day, was home for 1/2 hour and then was off to Elder Board and broomball. So much for our anniversary celebration :)

He is off tomorrow, so maybe we will do something? Actually, before everyone gets all upset, we are planning a short trip in September to celebrate, so we can pretend that is in honor of our anniversary.

Yes, 8 years ago we were heading for Duluth eating those weird fireballs and discussing the wedding...

Since then we have kept discussing everything, but have laid off on the fireballs. They are kind of weird after all. But pop rocks are weirder.

It has been a good 8. A really good 8. I don't think that even on my wedding day 8 years ago I anticipated how fun the next 8 years would be. And so to my favorite person in the world, I love you! Thanks for loving me all this time!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


This weekend we had the privilage of adding a Burley ride behind bike to our rather large fleet of transportation systems. We are so excited! Now with Deacon on the ride behind hooked to my bike, and the other 2 in the burley bike trailer behind Noah, we can all go together! Yeah!

It has been so windy though! It is hard enough with wind alone but dragging all the little people on these windy days is tough! Good training though!

Deacon has a death grip on the handle bars. He talks and sings constantly as we ride along and then occasionally calls out for a stop because he has to itch his nose, or scratch his knee or shake out his hands. I told him he doesn't have to grip so tightly, but so far he hasn't loosened up... I will try to get a picture soon!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The orange man

Roman likes his orange hat. Even in July.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Yet another domestic failure

I think I have shared on this site the fact that domestic tasks are not really my thing. Mostly because I don't really like them. At all.

Anyway, last night I had yet another cooking fiasco. I had this great idea, being inspired from my domestic friends, to make double batches of meals and put half in the freezer for another meal. This is, apparently, a great plan for my friends but it has not been so effective for me. Basically, if I go to buy all the ingredients I am bound to forget something. Not that I intend to, but when you are standing in the aisle contemplating chicken and you glance at the cart only to notice that the baby houdini has managed to squirm and squeeze and very expertly extract himself from the strap of the baby seat and is just about to launch himself the 12 inches into your not ready arms, well you get distracted and sometimes you forget something.

All that aside, I usually arrive home with some of what I need and then by the time I manage to find time when Noah is home to go to the store again, or gather the courage to once again brave Target with the kids, the rest of the ingredients have been used for other culinary pursuits or have gone bad.

But last night I had all of the ingredients for my chicken enchilada recipe and I was ready to go. I focused on the task at hand very diligently despite the chaos surrounding me and pretty soon I had it ready. 1/2 ready for the freezer and the other 1/2 ready to go into tortillas for supper. And then I tried some and just about died. I grabbed the jar of picante sauce. It said "hot" in pink, jaunty letters.

I thought my family may not notice so I served it to the children with not a single word. Deacon had a bite and said, "It is good, mom!" but then his eyes got big and he grabbed his milk and started chugging it down. "Mom it is so SPICY!" Roman didn't even try it. Lincoln took a bite and cried. Then he took another bite and cried. Then he took another bite and cried and I took it away and gave him something else. He looked suspicious and didn't try it. I think I have destroyed any trust he ever had in me.

Noah even thought it was, "a little much." Somehow I have to dilute the potency when it is time to cook the batch that I stored!

This latest "oversight" reminds me of my last 2 "situations". I made a lovely dessert and the parts of it were in various bowls on the counter awaiting their pending transfer to my brand new fancy bowl. I climbed on a chair to get the bowl. In the process I knocked down a vase that was on a shelf and it broke and shattered its glass into my dessert. So much for that.

The next mishap happened after a brillant attempt to make a gigantic batch of monster cookies. I thought if I had a lot of them I could freeze them and then always have a bag of cookies to bring to all the parties and get togethers I may be invited to. Or I could just eat them 10 at a time. So I got the kids ready and we headed to the grocery store for everything we needed. It was a harrowing trip, but I managed to get everything. I carefully put in the 2 jars of peanut butter, the dozen eggs, all the white sugar and the brown sugar and I was mixing it all up in my biggest bowl. And then it was time to add the 18 cups of oats. So I started mixing them in. I was 2 cups short- but never fear, I had an unopened container in my pantry! Finally, something was going right! So I dumped the last 2 cups in and furiously mixed. And that is when I saw it. Something moved! My unopened container of oats had been full of bugs! So much for the cookies. I haven't made them since.

I wish I had some.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A practical joke

Last night we had some friends over for a couple of games of Settlers. It was a good time and through twists and turns of the conversation Noah and I suddenly remembered it: the ultimate practical joke. Well, maybe not the ultimate, but it was pretty funny at the time.

Back in college we were sort of dating. Just like in middle school when we were sort of interested in each other, just like in high school when we were somewhat together (almost). But at this particular time in college we were practically engaged. Kind of. Anyway, you get the picture. It was ambiguous. But all of that goofy stuff aside, we were friends. Good friends. Together all of the time friends (well, except for when I was studying, sleeping or in class. Noah only did 1/2 of any of those activities, so he did have more free time.)

I was a nursing major and Noah was a physics geek who lived primarily in the physics lab. Practically speaking, people from those 2 worlds in our college did not have much chance to collide. I was a math tutor though. And math people and physics people do rub shoulders frequently. Now, to be honest, I was a Math for the 21st Century tutor. You know, the class in every liberal college that trys to teach people why gambling is a bad idea and what interest really is. The one thing I remember about the class, taught by the assistant football coach, was that the intstructer always stopped pumping gas when the cost ended in a "7". That way he would know if someone unauthorized was using his credit card. Anyway, I digress.

One day I was talking with Noah before I went into Math lab to work my shift. I entered the room and Seth, one of the other math tutors who also happened to be involved in the physics department, bounded over to talk to me. (I do literally mean bounded. He also wore visors.) "So", he said, " Do you have a boyfriend?" And that is when I got an idea. A wonderful, awful idea. (name that book!).

"Do you want me to set you up with someone?" he asked.

"Maybe. Did you see that guy I was talking to before I came in? Well, he is in my reformations class and he seems really cool. I'd love to go out with him. Do you know him?"

"I DO know him! His name is Noah. He hangs out in the physics department. I totally (he was a surfer, and he did say totally) think I could get you guys together on a date or something." Seth was getting excited. "I will look into it".

Soon after that Seth approached Noah, who had been clued in to all of this. "Hey Noah, there is a girl that is interested in you. Her name is Julie, she is in your reformations class, she has red hair and she is a math TA. Do you know who she is?!"

Noah said, "Yeah, I may know who she is. She is cute. Yeah, that would be cool. Maybe Friday night?" (note, we already had plans together that night).

So Seth (who we didn't actually feel too sorry for because everyone else in the school knew we were together) finished up the details and we were all set for our "blind" date.

After the fact we had to tell him about the date and how we were going to be going out again. He was so proud of himself for setting us up and it actually working! That is when we started to feel a little bad. We did eventually tell him, quite a while after the fact, and he was kind of confused. We really had him fooled. Oh well.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our Trip

The boys and I, along with my mom and sister, took a 32 hour tour to visit my grandparents. It was crazy... crazy like the first thing got broken approximately 2 minutes after walking into my grandparents small apartment.

But the grandparents got to see the boys, the boys got to climb around on tractors, and me? Well, I survived.

I forgot my camera, but my mom had hers, so hopefully I can get some pictures soon!

Deacon: "Grandpa Andy used to live in a house but then they moved into this high tower."

(The "high tower" is a 2 story brick building. I love how kids can make things sound so fancy. We stayed in the "little blue house" and our directions were, "go down the road, turn by the pile of rocks and park somewhere beyond Betty Draymeirs car". Gotta love small towns.)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fun 4th!

Noah and his parents took Deacon and Roman to a 4th of July parade. The boys had a great time (despite the looks on their faces) and got a lot of cool "stuff". They don't just hand out candy anymore, apparently. Lincoln and I stayed home so Lincoln could have a good nap before the evening festivities. I managed to wash the rest of my blinds and windows and start my exterior painting (and clean the house for guests). All in all it was a good day :)

Roman was very serious about the parade and did a remarkable job of not running out in front of floats. So they tell me.

Roman waved faithfully and dutifully to every float and candidate that went by. Isn't he cute?!

Seeing these tanks was the reason Noah and Chris went. Unfortunantly (or fortunantly for the person who has to delete pictures) the batteries died on the camera after this one went by.

Friday, July 4, 2008

What we learned today:

10:37pm is way too late for our boys to be, regardless of what holiday it is...

It was a bad ending to an otherwise great 4th of July...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

One of those weeks

VBS is over, so I decided that this week was the week of accomplishment. Why did I think that would work? Oh yeah, it is because I have delusions of grandeur. A lot of delusions of grandeur.

I try to be positive about my domestic failures. Honestly, I accomplish tons more now with 3 kids then I ever did when it was just Noah and I. I don't know what I did back then. Why wasn't I training for a triathlon then? Why wasn't I sorting through and throwing out my junk then? Why wasn't I taking care of my pictures and pre making meals for when I had kids? :)

I don't know, but I should have done more.

And then, when I only had 1 or 2 kids. Why didn't their scrapbooks get done? Why wasn't my house clean...I had a lot more time then...

So now I have 3 kids. I am training for this triathlon, keeping my house cleaner then it has ever been, working 2 shifts a week and going crazy. Why? Because of the delusions of grandeur.

So I decided that this week would be a good week to have an intense training week, take down and clean all of my venetian blinds, wash all the windows, paint my exterior trim and get some deep cleaning and sorting done upstairs and in the kitchen. My children don't like all the attention that I have been paying to the windows, so their behavior has regressed which has made me eat more ice cream and get progressively more frusterated.

Noah is off both Friday and Monday though so maybe we can work on the list this weekend? Or not...