Monday, October 29, 2007

First Food

This weekend, Lincoln got his first taste of "big people food." Sure, it's just rice cereal, but it's a big step for a little guy.

Initially, Link was very excited to be eating with the rest of us, but then after a bite, he wasn't so sure anymore. Julie thinned it out some more, and he did better with a few more bites.

In the end, I think he liked dining at the table with the rest of the family. Afterward however, if he could talk, I think he would have borrowed a line from Flo in the movie Cars "I have gas, lots of gas."

Sunday, October 28, 2007

what we're up to

Lincoln and Deacon, Mater and McQueen

This is what Roman does: hoards his cars. He has trouble doing other things because of the need to keep his cars with him. We haven't yet explained to him about getting your hand stuck in the cookie jar, when all that is necessary is to let go of the cookie- but we will!

Proud Cubbie, Tired Puggle (this is the picture that was taken before mommy, yes mommy, sewed his patches on.)

Aw, Roman. What more needs to be said!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Deacon was pretending to be superman today and took a leap off the couch. Unfortunantly his face landed on the binoculars he had around his neck and now he has a loose front (baby!) tooth. We are praying that he doesn't lose it- he still has quite a few years until his permanent one will come in!

The boys helped me deliever meals-on-wheels the last couple of days. They took great pride in helping hand the people the meals. Deacon would tell them, "when it is my birthday I am going to be 4!) One time after Deacon said that, Roman ran up to the door (bike helmet and all) and stood there with one hand up in the air shifting his weight like he wanted to make an announcement. Finally he said, "2" I explained to the lady that Roman wanted to make sure she knew that he was 2- he verified that is in fact what he was trying to get across.

Deacon was building with legos the other day and I came to help him finish. I said, "you did a nice job, maybe you want to finish this part yourself". He started singing this song which sounded rather mournful, "sometimes it is hard to do things all by yourself". Maybe when he is a little older we can write "Deacon's life: THe Musical". I am sure that it would be a best seller!

Lincoln really likes to roll over. Some days it feels like all he does is fuss and roll :) He is pretty happy if he has attention. He likes Kids Stuff at the YMCA because they have comfy swings and people to just admire him. Unfortunantly at home he is pretty discontented about his lot in life. I think that he will be much happier when he can get around on his own a little more.

Roman , well Roman is happy as long as he has his "Cars" cars. He carries them around in his Elmo lunchbox, then takes them out and drives them around or puts them somewhere else, then puts them back in the lunchbox. Oh, I forgot- je screams if anyone comes within 2 feet of them, at least if it is someone he considers a threat to their safety.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Noah was gone for the weekend, so Erica, my mom and I took the boys to a "Harvest festival" complete with a pumpkin eating dragon, a pirate ship with apple shooting cannons and kids play area, trolley and trains. Oh, and a petting zoo. the boys were really excited and basically just ran around like chickens with their heads cut off :)

I told Deacon that we could buy a pumpkin at the end. He was walking amongst all of the pumpkins and would stop and look and then move on. I was getting a little antsy and said, "Deacon what criteria are you using, what are y ou looking for in a pumpkin?" He said, "mom, I want one that I can hold" so i handed him one, "too heavy", he said. I gave him another, "too big". I said, "Deke, that is the smallest one that I see!" A lady overheard us and told us where to find some smaller ones. I gave him a small one and he says, "it is still too big!" he finally found ones that were just perfect- those really tiny pumpkin gourd things and they were 3 for a dollar! nice deal for everyone...until we saw the 20min long line we were going to have to stand in to buy them!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gotta love it!

The boys go to "Kids Stuff" at the ymca 3-4 times a week while I work out. I love to look in the window and watch them when they don't know I am there. Last week they had an older lady reading a story and Deacon was doing hand motions for a little rhyme with the other kids. Today when i peeked in Lincoln was being held by one of the teachers and weas almost asleep and Deacon and Roman were sitting with another teacher and some other kids at a table having a "dinner party". They had cups and spoons and fake food out and the boys were having a grand old time! I love that they love going there!

I thought I would include a picture to remind us of what is coming!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

and time keeps marching on...

It is amazing how fast the last 4 1/2 months have gone since Lincoln was born. Some days seem endless...but the weeks and months are going fast!

We have been contemplating moving into a bigger place, possibly building. Those thoughts, along with getting a new exterior from hail damage and the continual dejunking of our house and the constant clothing rotation is keeping us busy! It seems like every few weeks I am going through the boys closet and removing items that don't fit or changing the seasons. Why do I bother? deacon has favorites and nothing else gets worn. he doesn't care about seasons either.

Roman is started to vocalize his preferences for clothing too. And other things. We were at Target this week and deacon asked me very politely if we could go in the blue doors- (we usually go in the green doors). I agreed and started driving to the other end of the parking lot. From the backseat I hear "green do, green do' Roman threw an absolute fit because he wanted to go in the green door like we usually do! it was sort of cute though because he is just starting to put 2 words together. We have definately been discovering that while Deacon likes his "same old" clothes and food- he is more up for changing other things, like parking by new doors etc. Roman likes his routine and he does not like change. I have a feeling that we are going to see that character trait all the more strongly as time goes on.

Lincoln rolled over this week! He is so proud of himself!