Thursday, February 28, 2008

Surf's Up!

I finally got a picture of Roman's famous "Surf's Up" pose. I kid you not, everytime he asks to watch his "Surf's Up" Backyardigans episode he strikes this pose. This happens multiple times a day. He has also been known to attempt a land "triple whip" and crash into the counter and various other objects. Roman (and Deacon) turn many different household objects into surf boards...maybe we will have to buy them real ones and take a vacation to California! How about it, Noah?
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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Deacon had his first "homeschool gym and swim" class on Tuesday. First he got to have a swimming lesson and then he got to go run around the track and play games in the small gym.

As he was waiting to get into the water he said, "I just love the water". I responded, "you love the water? Well I love you!". He smiled and said, "I love you more than I love the water."

It was cute :)

After the lesson we were heading into the locker room and I asked him he liked his lesson (as if I couldn't tell from the skip in his step and the smile on his face!) He responded, "yes mom, it is fun to do things without you!"

My four-year-old loves me more than the water but he still likes to do things without me. Personally, I think that is a fabulous combination. (by the way, I can't type or say "fabulous" anymore without thinking of the song "you were just too busy being fabulous". I am so going to say that to someone sometime...I am just waiting for the right moment.)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Where is that child's mother?!

Who left this dirty baby at the mercy of this adorable brown-eyed boy?

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Who made This Big Mess?

Roman's little sinful nature is already in full swing, but the day I took this picture was the first time I have actually heard him flat out lie. I asked who made this mess...and he said, "Baby did it!" (yes, the baby that is securely strapped in to his highchair. My kids are horrible liers. I am thankful for that.)
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Roman the Resourceful

Here I go typing this for the 3rd time! The computer has been acting up today and Lincoln made his "shutting off the computer" debut as well. (hmmm...maybe those two things are related?). I guess that shiny button at eye level is just too tempting!

Ahh...but back to Roman the Resourceful. By the way, that would be a fabulous name for a knight. I like knights so the title won out over "Independence at All Costs" and "The Furniture Whisperer".

The little knight decided to help his grandma and Deacon scrub the kitchen. He knows that he needs two items for scrubbing: rag and water. Roman does a lot of scrubbing. He also knows where to get those two items. Roman gets those two items a lot. He got the rag no problem, but when he went to get water he ran into a roadblock- Mommy, who was in a frantic cleaning frenzy at the time, had put an end to all independence by taking his stool and putting it in some unknown place. (Truth be told, the stool was under the sink, only inches away from his precious little knees, but why would he ask? He is a knight, and a resourceful one at that).

Roman came down the stairs with a dripping wet rag. I went up the stairs and found the full clothes hamper laying down in the bathroom- the perfect new step stool.

I did wonder why he chose the clothes hamper. It didn't seem like a logical choice to me, but then again, Roman is not known for logic- he is known for resourcefulness. I had to go into the boys room for something and that is where I hit my roadblock:

Apparently he had first attempted to move the toddler bed into the bathroom for a stool. He only got it as far as the door and then managed te squeeze his little body out to go after the hamper. I couldn't squeeze my (not as little) body in so I had to resort to herculean moves and ingenuity to get the door open and the bed back to where it belonged. (ok, so the moves weren't so herculean nor did it take much ingenuity, but I did need to move the bed). Roman was able to enter the room easily. It reminded me of the scene from "Little Joe" (veggie tales) where the peas just go in and out of the jail cell at will.

The reason for my cleaning frenzy was that our house went on the market yesterday! Getting our house ready to enter the dog-eat-dog world of real estate has been a challenge for our clutter filled lives. The combination of Noah's strong sentimental attachments, my "craft" supplies (translation: stuff that could be used for obscure projects long into my future- remember the pen sculpture?) and mountains of dinosaurs, cars and bugs (and step stools) that are precious to our boys have led to many "discussions" over which objects are less than worthy and need to be disposed of. I'm looking foward to more discussions this weekend.

Until next time,
Julie the Junk Remover

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

That's my boy!

Here is Deacon, all dressed for bunny pictures. But then the car wouldn't start. Sad little boys, glad little bunnies.
Deacon had a play date with his best bud Evan. I told him to change out of his bunny clothes. He did. Twice. I didn't get pictures.

After he got home from Evans, our main man decided it was time to go to the beach. He got a little cranky when I told him there was no beach to go to. He settled for goggles in the bath tub.
Then he got out of the bathtub and while still dripping wet, hugged his little bro

Next down the runway came this ensemble. He likes his vest. He says he likes to see his skin.
No wonder I have so much laundry.
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They each have their thing...

Here is another disagreement over the prized "car cars"

My but Lincoln is getting pesky isn't he?

Listen carefully to the dialogue...from the next post you should be able to figure out what outfit Deacon was talking about!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

This makes me laugh...

Whenever I see Roman in these glasses, I just have to laugh!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Here is a picture of the dinosaurs that require daily baths- sometimes even twice a day. Deacon takes his responsibility as their daddy very seriously...

Deacon had a dream last night about a blind piglet who could talk. That is weird, but he has been asking a lot of insightful questions like, "why does God give us dreams?" and "what happens to snow when it melts? What does that mean?"