Monday, September 15, 2014

He's Pretty Awesome

The last couple months have been crazy.  It has been a whirlwind of end of summer fun, busy shifts at the hospital, school prep.  Now we are in the full swing of school, flag football, busy shifts at the hospital, house work and yard work. 

I will never catch up on blogging about all the fun, memories, thoughts and impressions from the last few months.  Nor will I be able to manage a lot of posts about the school curriculum plans for this year. 

But I will say this: My house is officially in "homeschooling" mode, which means that only the minimum housework is getting done, but I like to think that maximum learning is being accomplished.  I have had crazy, long shifts at the hospital, but my mom, sister and Noah have helped out and I have made it through.  The kids are happy, and my schedule is looser this fall than it was last year.  I think that will be good for my sanity.

And Noah has quietly been helping out, trying to come home earlier so I can get a break and a chance to rest.  He has been cooking and transporting.

He's pretty awesome.