Saturday, January 17, 2009


a few days ago I started asking the boys a daily question.

It is meant to give Deacon a chance to explain himself and when he does, I get to see what he views as important. I also use this with Noah and all my friends.

Sorry, I am not working. I need something to amuse myself.

Day 1: If you had to choose, would you be an Elephant or a snake?

Deacon: An Elephant so I could be strong and so Roman couldn't pull me off your lap.
Me: But if you were an elephant, you couldn't sit on my lap, could you?
Deacon: but you chose elephant too, so I wouldn't squish you.

Day 2: If you had to choose, would you be an ant or a spider?

Deacon: a spider so that I could eat insects and swing on my web
Me: I would be an ant so I could avoid eating bugs and so that I would be super strong

Day 3: If you had to pick one restaurant to eat at for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

Deacon: McDonalds because they have a play area.
Me: but would you still like that when you were old?
Deacon: I would watch my kids play on it.
Me: good answer.

Noah and I are thinking Old Chicago or Green Mill. It has to have pizza, but also burgers and sandwiches. Noah is mourning steak.

I am going to try to add our daily questions in my posts. Feel free to chime in with your answer (or your kids answer!) and make sure you defend it!

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Lesley said...

All I have to say is that I love Old Chicago too. We don't go too often but when we do, it is always fun with really good food. I like the idea of asking your kids these kinds of questions every day. I'll have to start thinking of my own questions.