Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wild Mountain

We took Deacon and Roman to Wild Mountain water park today. It is a fun waterpark because the kids get life jackets and can go down the adult tube slides on the laps of responsible adults. The boys of course had a blast. No fear.

Roman did get stung by a bee which really made him scream...:( speaking of scream, Deacon calls sun screen, sun scream. The name is quite appropriate for what happens when poor mommy tries to apply it!
We brought along Auntie Karla and my friend Becki. It was fun to hang out with them, and it made the waterslides easier. 1 person would go in the lead tube without a kid, than the next 2 had kids and than the 4th would follow up. That way there was always someone extra to help with the entering and exiting of the slides. The exits were not always very graceful, just ask Deacon!

Oh yeah, Thanks Grandma Pam for hanging out with Lincoln all day and thanks Tia Erica for the cookies, Deacon says that was really kind of you to make them for us!

Sunday, July 29, 2007


I have been reading this book called "Making Children Mind without Losing Yours" it has some great stuff in it! The author talks a lot about letting kids make choices when they are young so that they know how to make good ones when they are older. Lots of people say that it leads to less frusteration for the child, and I think that is true, but more importantly if we let kids deal with the fall out of their choices it lets them see that their choices matter. If we continually let them change their mind or overide their choices they begin to think that it doesn't matter what they choose because it can always be changed or corrected. Obviously you can't let them as preschoolers make dangerous or unhealthy choices- we do know that :)

So we have been putting this into practice and it is kind of fun to do. As a lot of you know, Deacon dresses himself and picks out his own outfits. Last Sunday he put his kahki zip up shorts on backwards. I asked him if he wanted me to help him turn them around and he said, "no, I like to see my belt" So we went to church that way. Noah said, "you really let him go with his shorts on backward?!" and I said, "it will teach him one of 2 things when people laugh and comment 1)to put his shorts on right or 2)not to be too worried what others think." Either one would be fine!

Friday, July 27, 2007


Just thought I would add some pictures!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Need for Speed

Lincoln and I took a quick trip out to see my 90 year old Grandpa. I was glad I made the trip because my grandpa, who is in the hospital, gave a big smile when he saw the baby.

On the trip home Lincoln wasn't very tired. I was driving about 60 on the 2 lane highway and would have to drop my speed to 30 when I went through the frequent small towns. He was happy as long as I went fast, but when I would start to slow down at the towns he would cry and cry. As soon as my speed took off again I would hear this slurpy sound as he tried to find his thumb and then all would be quiet until the next town!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Deacon and Roman are playing a lot more together and can really take an idea and run with it. This morning at play group I suggested they wash one of their friends Little Tikes car- they washed and washed that car! Well, actually, Deacon and his friends washed it and Roman sat in it and got a shower. The system made everyone happy!

Last friday we went to the puppet wagon and the story was "The Frog Prince". Afterwords Deacon and I were talking about the story and he said, "that girl (the Princess) should have had a swimsuit and goggles, than she could have gotten her own ball." He thought a little and then said, "I guess those people behind there didn't have a swimsuit and goggles for the girl so they had to have the frog get the ball for her."
This picture is of Lincoln, I didn't say anything about him so I thought instead I would include a picture!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

3 year old game class

Deacon had his last game class today. It makes us laugh everytime we go to watch the 24 3-5 year olds run around while the "coach" trys to get them engaged in organized activity. 23 of them are blond and most of the boys names start with "D". What a homogenous crowd! They are more interested in the tiny frogs and crickets jumping around than in listening to instruction. One little boy stomped on a cricket today and the coach was pretty upset :-) She must be an animal lover!