Monday, October 5, 2015

Eagle Mountain!

When we went on our annual August camping trip, we decided to take an afternoon and climb to the tallest peak in Minnesota- Eagle Mountain.

This little lady walked all 7 miles on her own two feet, and looked just as fresh at the end as when she started.
 Everyn got to ride part of the time, and she enjoyed her little perch very much.  The people taking turns carrying her did not love it, but it was tolerable :)

It was a beautiful climb!
 Lincoln was  a trooper, despite not feeling that great. 
 We came upon this gorgeous lake part way up.  All of us wished that we had kayaks or canoes to go exploring it. 

 Everyone was relieved to make it to the top, and were pretty proud to be "the tallest person in Minnesota" for a brief few seconds.
 They each took a turn basking in the glory of making it...
 Some more exhilarated than others...
 Some with less complaining than others...
 but all happy with the accomplishment...or at least that the uphill climb was over.
 And then we climbed down and drove into Grand Marais to enjoy the "World's Greatest Donuts".  I don't know if they were actually the "World's Greatest", but they were really good!

Family adventures, some of my very favorite things!