Thursday, October 31, 2013

Monday Night Laundry

 I felt like a little squirrel hauling homemade applesauce down to the freezer today.  Tomorrow I will be freezing some of our homegrown carrots.  I am slightly proud of my carrots this year - I have never had much luck, and look how big these are!  And they have good flavor too!

I am decompressing at the computer tonight.  It was one of those days- rainy and cold and the kids didn't get out to play.  I honestly don't know what we are going to do all winter- my boys need their freedom and they need to run.  I swear they need at least 3 hours of outdoor large motor time to be manageable. 

Certainly they will be playing outside regardless of the cold, and they can always run on the treadmill, but somehow it is not quite the same.

Sometimes Lincoln and Deacon hide behind the video chairs across the room from each other and throw balls at each other.  Sort of like an indoor snowball fight.

I spent some time and money on some new clothes, but then I realized that I should really be spending the extra money on a cute (and warm) winter coat.  That is all people see anyway when you go anywhere for about 7 months out of the year here.

So now I am officially in the market for a long, super warm coat.

And maybe someone to manage the laundry...

Monday, October 21, 2013

I Can See!

I have been wanting to get LASIK surgery for years and years and I finally got it done a couple of weeks ago!

Yahoo!  I now see 20/15 out of my left eye and 20/20 out of my right.  No contacts, no glasses.  It is incredibly freeing and every morning when I open my eyes and can read the clock I feel thankful.

It was incredibly quick, and my recovery has been easy.  My new driver's license has arrived in the mail, and I haven't had any trouble with dry eyes. 



Pumpkins for pie! Yum!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


What a whirlwind life is.

Everyn and I walked into the Y this morning, I needed to catch up on some mileage for my October challenge and she was accompanying me.  I was holding her sweet little hand and we were walking slowly together, just the two of us. 

An older man walked by, stopped and smiled at us.  "oh, how I miss my kids being little like that", he said.

I smiled back and said, "I love it.  It is such a fun time."

He replied with a, "it just goes by way too fast".

And I looked at our shadows- the two of us, me tall with a bag on my shoulder and reaching down to a little hand.  Her, in her goofy overalls and hair sticking up all over and her little hand reaching up, holding mine.

I know most young moms don't like to hear when older people say, "I miss those days"- because they complain that those people have selective memories- that they are forgetting the fatigue, the endless demands, the sibling fights and the buckling, the shoes and the messy eaters.

But I am in these days, and I know that I am going to miss them when they are gone. And I am trying to cling to them even as they are flying by me - because truthfully,  I don't really care about the mess, and I don't really mind the selflessness of being a mother.  I just care about the little hand inside mine, and I know it won't be there very long.

*Soon I will tell you about my Lasix surgery, my dear Grandma, my October challenge, my wardrobe make over, fantasy football and some quote of the days.  Oh, and a fall photo shoot!  Soon, very soon...*