Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Julie goes controversial, but what the heck- life is short

I believe that there are some gray areas of morality in the Bible.

And there are people that are willing to die on those hills.

I am not willing to die on those hills, I choose to die on other ones.

I believe in right and wrong.

I believe in absolute truth.

I believe that the Bible is the place to go to discover truth.

I am sad this week because there was an exectutive order signed so that our taxes can now go to support organizations that promote abortions internationally.

I am sad this week because the number of Americans that believe that abortion is wrong is relatively high, but less are willing to die on that hill.

I had a prof in college say: "I believe with all my heart that abortion is wrong, but I am so thankful that I live in a country that allows people to have that option."

What??!!!? It sounds ludicrous. "I believe with all my heart that bank robbery is wrong, but I am so thankful that I live in a country that allows people to have that option."

But I fear that this is where the country (and Christians, unfortunantly) are at. It is wrong, but we shouldn't outlaw it.

We should outlaw guns.

But we shouldn't outlaw murder.

But there is a right and a wrong. There are the 10 commandments and we do know what God thinks about certain things.

And as for me, I will vote on those things.

So when my son asks, "who did you vote for mommy, and why?"

I will tell him:

I voted for what I know to be right.
I voted for what I know to be good.
The Bible does not outline a good economic plan for our nation.
But it does outline a moral plan for a people.
And I will vote as close to the moral plan as I can. Because I know it is right.
And then I will trust God to take care of our economics.
And I will do my part to take care of those who need it.

How can I do otherwise?


peter said...

Ok, just moved this blog from the "friends" folder to the "politics" folder in Google Reader.

So, who did you vote for?

The Three 22nds said...

Well, Deacon is convinced that I voted for Al Franken. He is the only politician he knows and he is pretty convinced that he ran for president- you know, the guy who rules.

The Three 22nds said...

yeah, I should probably post some pictures soon to keep the relatives happy :)

Anonymous said...

Bob Barr

The Three 22nds said...

I heard of a church once that didn't have a mission statement or a list of "core values" or anything like that.

They had Seven Hills We'll Die On.

I thought that was a good idea.


Kim said...

Okay, I'm going to avoid the controversy totally, I just wanted to say thanks for your last comment, and good timing. e is seeing the Audiologist this afternoon and is seeing the District's early childhood staff for an evaluation next week. Hopefully I can post about todays appointment this evening.

Lesley said...

I agree with you 100%. It is a sad thing when people (Christians especially) decide that things like the economy trump the issue of life and death. If a candidate does not value life from the moment of conception and is a supporter of murder (abortion) then that lack of respect for human life will come out in their other decisions. Equal rights for all? What about the 50+ plus million babies who lost their rights to life since 1973? And for those of us who hold to a bibilical worldview, why should we have to pay for something that we know to be wrong with with our tax dollars? It's crazy!

I'm totally with you on voting for people who most closely stand for biblical truth. There may be some "grey areas" regarding certain things like the economy but there is certainly no grey when it comes to murder. And I can not believe what your college prof said. ??!

Anyway, you probably know from reading my blog that I just couldn't leave this topic alone :=) so that is my input. Thanks for sharing this!

Dad said...

Way to say it Julie. I'm proud you're my daughter.
Love Dad