Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2 mysteries solved

1. I figured out what is missing from my car, and thus why my window was broken.
I have an old canvas bag that I take to work. I keep my stethoscope (11 years old and warped), various pens, notes from education meetings etc in it. I usually just leave it in the car. It is somewhat germy since it sits around at work, and I don't like the kids taking things out of it. Anyway, it is gone. The derelict is probably sitting somewhere learning about continuous renal replacement therapy. Or else he is employing my stethoscope as a window breaking device.

I am actually kind of mad now. Those are the stages right? I am through denial, now on to anger.

2. There is a metal mail box that hangs on the wall by the elevators at work. It claims to be an official post office box for outgoing mail. But it seems sketchy to me. Everytime I am tempted to put something into it, I remember that movie where the guy puts all those letters into the mail box that never gets emptied. What is the name of that movie? Oh yeah, "A Beautiful Mind". Anyway, this morning I actually visualized the box being emptied. I now feel free to use it without concern. The only probably is, the guy emptying it appeared to be a security guard and I didn't see an offical postmaster name badge... hmmm...if you don't get a thankyou note, please know that it was written...a hospital security guard just stole it...


Matt said...

1) You could instead imagine that it was this thief's first criminal offense, and was unfamiliar with how to break a car window. Deciding to use his bare hand he quickly learned what a poor idea it was, and that movies aren't very accurate with this event. With a blood covered hand he grabbed the bag and ran, excited to learn it was from a nurse, but then disappointed to find no band aids, just a bent stethoscope.
2) I had a friend who was convinced his mailman was stealing his Netflix movies to watch them before really sending them through the mail. Apparently the mailman didn't like tv series because those always went through the mail in regular time, as opposed to the movies which took an extra day to get returned to Netflix.

Karla said...

oh I hated the feeling after my purse was stolen... you never knew what would happen next...at least he (she?) didn't get your SS card, checks, credit cards, etc!