Saturday, January 24, 2009

It is a good thing

Wednesday night I went out to the garage and loaded up all the boys to head to AWANA. I turned the key after all the buckles were buckled. Click. I tried again. Click.

Grabbed my celly.

"Noah, the van is dead"

After a long, animated conference we decided that the most efficient way to get the kids to church was for me to jump the van, something I had never done before.

Thank goodness we still had (have) my parents van in our driveway. Why? Because we haven't gotten around to returning it.

So I used it to jump mine so I wouldn't have to move around carseats.

There were only a few tears and a little yelling.

I stand by my original statement that the "engine block" is in 3 parts.

But whatev

In the end it started.

We went through the Wendy's drivethru since we knew we would be too late for the meal.

We all managed to get something to eat even though I made the mistake of letting Roman "carry" my milk shake into church (he had eaten half of it by the time we got to the table).

And I made the 2nd mistake of setting the bag in front of Lincoln so he pretty much thought that everything was his.

That van has not been good to me this winter.

And I am glad I don't always return things on time.

Especially since Noah's car is currently 25 miles away and will not start.

Winter has not been good to us this year.

But God is good.



Billi Jo said...

Question: The “few tears and a little yelling” was that in regards to getting boys into their seats or was that to explain the exchange between you and Noah on how to jump start the van?

Oh. A Wendy’s chocolate Frosty sounds so delicious. I may have to go to Wendy’s. Now!

The Three 22nds said...

I am afraid it was between Noah and I.

Lesley said...

Good job on jumping your vehicle. That is something I still need to learn how to do.

Drive thru's are just too convenient when you have a van full of kids and don't want to haul them out in -20 temps and then buckle them all back in. I'm guilty of that one, I'll admit.

By the way, we just joined the YMCA here and I LOVE it! I've been swimming laps and it feels great! I was always inspired when I read about your YMCA experiences and lucky for us, there is one just right down the road from our house. I get a workout, a break from the chaos of home, and hope to lose the last few pounds of baby weight too! Oh, and I can take a shower in peace when I'm there too and not worry about what little people on the loose are doing while I try to shampoo my hair. :=)