Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Conversation (and some other details)

I worked a 12 hour shift Monday night at the hospital. We were super busy with crisis after crisis. I didn't get a break, and I was there late to boot (and all the pirates repeat, "late to boot").

I got home and took a shower and climbed into bed shortly before 9am. I called Noah and here is how the conversation went:

N: How was work?
J: OK, busy. My patient was really sick. The MD and I were on a first name basis by the end of the night. I am really tired, I have been up for 26 hours now.
N: Well, my mom can keep the boys for awhile, Genna will be home if she is not.
J: I have to get the kids to Gym and Swim by 1. Can you call me at noon to wake me up? I don't trust the alarm. I am too tired, I need a call and you to actually talk to me and make sure I am really awake.
N: long pause.
J: Noah?
N: I am not sure that will be possible
J: Don't tell me you are going out for lunch...not when I am telling you that I am only going to be able to sleep for 3 hours...
N: long pause
J: You are? Aren't you?
N: Yes. But it is a farewell lunch...I will figure out a way to call you...

1220- I bolt upright in bed. Alarm says 1220. Glance at the phone. No missed calls from Noah's number. Nice. Eat several cookies and dash off to pick up the kids. Leave a slightly sarcastic voicemail on Noah's line.

1309- Get a slightly apologetic message on my cell.

note to self: don't depend on your husband to wake you up when he will be at a sports bar on a weekday with his peeps.

In other Noah news:

*Noah is spending all of his days in meetings at work. He doesn't know why he is suddenly being invited to all of these meetings. I asked him if it because he is funny during meetings. He said, "possibly".

*Noah likes the phrase 500 mile Club: Have you gone your 2.796 miles today?

2 questions:
1. what are your ideas for a 500 mile club motto/phrase?
2. If you could choose, would you rather captain a pirate ship or a warship?


Grandma Pam said...

How about a cruise ship, instead?

The Three 22nds said...

That message was more than slightly apologetic.

I'm going with a warship that chases pirates off the east coast of Africa.

Matt said...

1) I'm hoping some people respond to the first question, since I want to know what the club's motto will be... hopefully not, "wasn't there some song about this?"
2) Definitely the warship, the pirate ship would be more "fun" but in dire straits the warship probably has more friends and allies that would come help - the pirate ship would most likely be sunk (all lame puns intended)