Monday, November 19, 2012

Dropping Things

Hi All!

We are all here, but I feel a little bit like I am treading water.  A rough work weekend followed by a long week, concluding with Noah's birthday weekend has me still playing catch up.

Today is our 13 year engagement anniversary.  Noah made Pumpkin Crisp.  yum.

Then we did pushups and folded laundry while watching Hawaii Five-0.

At 10:30pm I remembered that Lincoln is the "Big Apple" for school tomorrow.  Do you think the kids would enjoy left over Arnie Palmers?

Hopefully I can dig up some Oreos or Teddy Grahms or something.

I am working all of Thanksgiving, but Noah has a couple of days off- hopefully I can dig myself out of this hole!

Have a good week!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Berean is 2 1/2 now, and she is quite different than the boys ever were.  She is a little bit of a busy-body and likes to help with things and tell people what to do.  

Bre likes Dora the Explorer and has been known to tell Ever, "Ever, no swiping!"  And then she laughs at her own joke.  

Berean is still sleeping in her crib, but she climbs in and out of it at will.  She has been potty trained since her 2nd birthday, and has been wearing undies to bed for months.  She goes through a lot of undies, however, because she loves all of them so much she is always changing them out for "new undies"!  Thankfully, she can manage her own undies and pants now, and just needs a little help with her shirts.

She likes fancy, sparkly things.  Her favorite things to do at the Y are "read the princess books" and dress up in the "fancy shoes". She also likes to make her dolls talk to each other. She plays with her kitchen set and goes "shopping" with her shopping cart.

It has been incredibly fun to watch her form relationships with other little girls her age.  She plays with her little friend Maddie and they giggle and talk to each other.

The dress she is wearing in the next picture she refers to as "my magnet-girl dress".  She has some little magnet dolls that wear similar looking outfits, and she loves to play with them.

Berean is still fearful of animals at times, and is somewhat timid, but she does seem to be loosening up a bit.

She was at the doctor the other day and she has no problem answering questions and talking about what is going on.  She is always very aware of conversation and social situations.

Berean really loves candy, and has been known to try to steal it from the cabinet.  She is very confident in her abilities to pour her own milk and make her own PB & J.  Sometimes her confidence is misplaced.

Over the last few months she has taken a big interest in hanging out with the boys.  She likes to be near them in the playroom, and they are pretty good about including her (or at least tolerating her) as long as she doesn't wreck their stuff.  Usually she just does her own thing near them and that is enough for her.

She certainly adds a whole different dimension to our lives, and we love it!