Sunday, March 30, 2008

Where's the candy?

Roman took his basket full of candy and stuck it in the cupboard for safe keeping. We are always finding things in strange places - he has a tendancy to hoard and stash.

Hmmm...someone seems to have figured out that someone else was trying to hide something. Maybe because the someone else is sitting in front of the hiding place?

Roman had to go the bathroom, and Lincoln was able seize the moment and get the goods!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Easter shots

Don't they look like little rappers or something?

Roman spent the day looking far and wide for more candy.

Deacon holding a clue and finding his basket. Good thing it had lollipops in it.

Lincoln got two new pacifiers in his basket. He spent they day carrying his original and his 2 new ones around.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Not your typical Easter pictures part 2

Carrying the surf board
Preparing to surf
Ready and waiting for the perfect wave!
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Not your typical Easter shots...

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Boys

Maybe we won't need to buy bunkbeds. They can just sleep in the toy cupboard every night.

Oh, he looks so short...

And so proud...

And so happy... (for this brief moment anyway)
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Country Man

The song, "Country Man" by Luke Bryan has the word "quick" in it. That song is the subject of the newly added poll. The internet has let me down. I wanted to post a good link to the song, but this is currently the best I can find :
Please vote on my poll as many times as you want.

On a side note, I read a blog- faithfully. Now, this woman lives on a ranch. My poor husband has been hearing lots of ranch related stories and trivia and he really wants a ranch and a horse. Or even just a big dog and an acre. But he is in optics. And he lives in the suburbs. And he is a geek. So this parody is here to make him feel better and is no way a slam to country folks. Or to people with garage door openers. So to the man who refuses to be defined by what he does or where he lives- enjoy! (you should listen to Country Man first so the catchy tune will be playing through your mind as you read my lyrics)

Optics Man
I need a man who is well read
To come and warm me up in my sleep-number bed
You keep me amused with all your charm
You can't get that kind of culture down there on a farm
Hey you're an optics man a rancher can't do the things you can
You can make your own lasers and you're Pi's biggest fan
Hey baby you're an optics man
You've got a grill with a propane tank
The neighbors all can smell your amazing steaks
Your closets are loaded with physics tees
No matter what we're doing, you aim to please
Hey you're a suburb man, a farmer can't do the things you can
You can park your small diesel right next to my van
Hey baby you're a suburb man
I like the liberal college educated physics type
and remain clearly skeptical of all the rancher hype
Hey you're a geeky man you can school me in Settlers and take all my land
I had to move quick, you were in high demand
Hey baby you're a geeky man
Hey you're a suburbs man you didn't have to search far to find a hot girlfriend
I love to come and join you where our street dead ends
Hey baby you're an optics man
Hey baby you're a geeky man

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Set up for tomorrow's post

These pictures are not the set up for tomorrow's post, they are simply here for the benefit of those who come only to this blog to see pictures of my darling children. I thought those people may be getting restless since I have not been posting up to the minute pictures. These are hot off the presses- enjoy.

As I was starting to blog, Deacon came in and handed me my current novel and said, "I thought I should bring this to you because Roman was licking the pages."

That reminds me of a song that is very similar to our life.

Which reminds me of a game that I am not very good at. Did you ever play the game where someone sings a song and they get to a word and they stop. The next person has to think of a song that has the same word in it that the former person had stopped at. So if you follow the above link you will hear the word "quick" (in the context of a quick shower). Pretend I am singing that song and stop there. Can you think of another song with the word "quick" in it? The song that I can think of will be the subject of tomorrow's Poll and post. Aren't you excited to play this game with me?!

Monday, March 17, 2008

What's on my i pod and other stories

We are teaching him to wash his own face, but until he perfects it maybe we should help a brother out?

I am currently listening to The Da Vinci Code on my ipod. I realize I am a few years behind, forgive me - it is only recently that I have ventured back into the adult fiction world. I don't think that the book is well written but it has led to some interesting discussions with Noah. The best part of the discussions is that they do not have anything to do with the best kind of baby food combinations and how to scrape applesauce off of the floor. It reminds me of the old days.

Deacon came home from AWANA on Wednesday and gave us a very detailed and descriptive account of the escapades of Paul and Silas. Thanks Cubbie leaders for helping us teach him about the Bible! He always has a lot to say about Teacher Patti (who tells them what happens to them if they are naughty), Teacher Jere (who told them how to play a game- ships across the ocean, maybe?), Teacher Liz (who is back from Peru I was informed), Teacher Karen (who signs his book) and of course Mike (the fireman and the leader for the really fast new girl), Jenni (who does the puppet shows) and Angela (Brianna's mom).

I actually published my last post this morning, but it is dated Sunday because that is when I wrote it. Because the date is yesterday I feel free to write again today. You guys do know about the rule that says a stay at home mom is only allowed to blog once a day or else she appears to be overly desperate for adult company, don't you? Oh, I forgot, I work tonight so I will be surrounded by adults- adults who end up in the ICU after a night of St. Paddy's Day partying. I like you all better.
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Sunday, March 16, 2008

If our lives were an inspirational novel...

I used to read a lot of fiction and would usually just ignore the perfection of the characters and the precise way that they interacted. I picked up an "Inspirational" fiction book the other day and every page cracks me up. They are always asking about each others feelings etc. and I don't know, it makes me laugh. Then I got to thinking about Noah and me and our conversations and how they would change if I was making them into an inspirational novel. Here is the latest conversation, no kidding- this is what happened (only the narrative part is added for novel affect):

"Did you notice that I am savoring this Crystal Lite?" Julie said with a mischevious grin.

"Now you are just mocking me" Noah chuckled and gave her a playful pat as she walked by. "Bob thought it might take me a solid 30-45 min to set it up [our brand new Wii!]".

"Oh, Noah, you are so good at stuff like that, I am sure it will take no time at all" Julie looked up at him adoringly as she left the room to check her email. A minute later she was back.

"Now I am mad, Noah! Our triathalon run this year has been shortened to an 8K!" Julie sounded very frusterated.

"Really?! Did they shorten the swim too?"

Julie shot him a withering glance, "I don't even want to do it anymore. We should find a new one." (following this came a lengthy discussions about olympic triathalons, word definitions and pros and cons of tris and swims and length conversions. All of that is too boring for my inspirational story.)

"Oh Noah, even your popcorn is a work of art." she smiled at him and they went down the stairs together to watch Spot with the rascals Deacon and Roman.

To be continued...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

July 2006 and now

These first 3 pictures are of Roman at 9-10 months

These next 2 are Lincoln at right around 9 months

Noah and I were just talking about and looking at photos of what the other 2 were doing at Lincoln's age. We can't wait for a little bit warmer weather so we can get him in a swing!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Top 10 Garage Sale Finds

As we have been going through stuff in our house, I have been pondering my truely great garage sale finds. Here they are, in no particular order of greatness:

1. Lots of buckets, shovels and other odd assortment of sand toys for mere cents.
2. shelf to hold my telephone for mere dollars
3. shelf to hold my stuff for even less mere dollars
4. large Muck, Scoop, Lofty and Roley for $1 each!
5. entertainment center (Noah wasn't too happy with having to haul it, but turned out to be a good buy)
6. Entire bag of little plastic balls- perfect for family dodge ball- for $1
7. Bob the Builder pajamas- he started wearing them at 2 and I think they will fit him until he is 7
8. a lot of adorable, tiny pink clothes that I haven't gotten to use!
9. Giant plastic boat for the back yard
10. Knights and castle for $2 (Karla found it, not me)

How about any of you? Any good finds?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Can't stand being together....can't stand being apart

I am sorry for being away from blogging this weekend. I was really intending to get those posts out- but other things (like sleep and family dodgeball) took priority.
Last week I decided to give each of the older two some individual time to spend with me during Lincoln's nap. the plan was to spend 20 mins connecting with each of them seperately while the other one spent some time playing alone. Early on I realized that it was going to be harder than I thought. Despite allowing the "non mom time" child to watch a movie or play computer games they could not stay apart! Every couple minutes 1 or the other was coming or going to check on the other one. The picture is of how they decided to watch a movie the other day. Unfortunantely it is becoming more and more common that when they are together they fight and argue over everything! Hopefully we can get on top of that soon...
The Underwear Saga (maybe close to being over?!)
Deacon has 2 rules for underwear use:
1. You only need to wear underwear if your pants have a zipper
2. Underwear is to be worn backward so you can see the pictures
We have been trying to explain to him the uses of underwear and why it is beneficial and important (one of the main reasons being that his grandparents get freaked out over him going commando). He got some boxer briefs now and things seem to be going better. We'll see.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Link to "Just Too Busy Being Fabulous"

I mentioned this on a post a couple days ago...thought I would give you a link. We'll see if it works...I am learning!

The Amazing Birthday List

Deacon is VERY interested in birthdays, birthday themes and different cake options. The thing is he is not just interested in his and his brothers- no, he has the year planned for the whole extended family! Some of them are more interesting than others...

The following is a list of what Deacon believes should be on everyone's cakes for 2008:

Tia Erica- porcupine following a dinosaur OR a porcupine looking at dinosaur fossils (when asked, "WHY?!" all we got was, "I think she likes dinosaurs."

Peter- a guitar (I guess that one makes some sense)

Grandpa Rog- a purple chair (when asked about this one it is because Gpa Rog sits on a purple chair to work on the computer and they all sit on the purple chair to play games)

Genna- pictures of Elise, Peter and Genna (because they all live at Gpa Chris and Gma Debbies??!!)

Gma Debbie- Bob the Builder (who doesn't love Bob?)

Lincoln- Thomas the Tank Engine (typical baby brother gets everyone else's favorite stuff imposed on him)

Mommy- pony for 2008, a swan for 2009 (he is always suggesting I get the girly toys in toy catalogs for myself)

Karla- horse (I have no far as I know Karla, although certainly not opposed to horses, does not have a any sort of fondness for them)

Gma Pam- a picture of herself (we could go a lot of ways with that one!)

Grandpa Chris- a Christmas Tree in front of him (Gpa Chris) sitting on the couch (fond Christmas memories?)

Elise- a cupcake (when asked why, Deacon said, "I know that she loves them")

Roman- Bob the Builder (of course)

Daddy- James in 2008 and for 2009 a guy standing on a chair playing a guitar (who can know the mind of a 4 year old)

Deacon- swan/the guys that spiderman fights/ heroes (ok, I get the heroes and the bad guy, but where is this swan thing coming from?!)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Adult Humor

Typically on my site I only talk about my kids. Occasionally, however, Noah or I have an experience worth noting. Most of Noah's antics involve the law and him being on the wrong side of it. For that reason I try to keep those stories on the D.L. If you want to know anymore about that you will have to ask me in person or on a secure phone line.

Since we now have kids we have had to become more careful about how we phrase things etc so as to set a good example of appropriate, socially acceptable behavior. Despite our good efforts, our 4 year old sometimes still chooses to not wear underwear and announce to the entire YMCA poolside deck crowd, "Even my penis is cold!"

Our new favorite "cloaked" insults are "They just have a severe case of O.D.D" (sounds like a serious diagnosis, doesn't it? One that is probably not appropriate to ask about any further...) and in traffic

"I.D.-10-T"- that one sounds just like a secret code!

Tonight we were talking about something and mentioned that a particular person had a lot of relationship baggage. Noah said, "that is why I married didn't have any bags for me to carry around". I laughed and said, "The only bags I have are filled with your crap..." ahh... how true it is! (most of my boxes too...)

The amazing birthday list, the underwear dilemma and the top 10 garage sale finds will be coming this weekend. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Very Curious

This is Deacon looking for something...

Here is Deacon trying to get something else...

Last night the younger boys were sleeping so Deacon and I were having some one on one time. Noah was attending a funeral and Deacon had a lot more questions about Heaven. He wanted to know if there were bad dreams in Heaven and what we would do in Heaven. I told him there would be no crying in Heaven and he said, "Well what is Jesus going to do about it if someone DOES cry?" I told him that Jesus comforts us and drys our tears away. These questions went on and on and then we moved on to Hell. He wanted to know what state Hell was in and if it was in the dirt. Then he said, "Well, I think that the state we live in now is kind of like Hell because we can have bad dreams here".Our prayer is that he always looks foward with anticipation to being in Heaven with God and that he stays concerned about being in a Godless environment and that he always seeks comfort from Jesus, the One who wipes our tears away.
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Sunday, March 2, 2008

What an outfit!

This is what happens when we have a showing and the people come a 1/2 hour early.
Poor Roman.

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Day in the Life...

First, Roman puts Lightening McQueen in his shirt

Chick Hicks follows...

How'd they get on the floor? I'd better try again...

See the words "Tony Hawk" on his shirt. The poor kid has worn this shirt for 2 days and I never noticed the signiture in all of its advertising glory. I finally noticed it when I was reviewing pictures on the computer. I like to think it was because I was so busy looking at his cute little face and listening to (and answering) his many questions...

There is a lot of love in our house...