Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No Work for 2 weeks

I took 2 weeks off at the beginning of this month, just to evaluate how I felt. Now, after my first night back, this is what I learned.

1. I was not any less tired
2. I got to spend more time with Noah
3. Noah liked it
4. It was easier to fit in triathlon training
5. I missed my job somewhat
6. Taking care of adults who demonstrate the same behaviors as your two year old is not fun. (as an aside: I used to be complemented by my coworkers about how incredibly patient I was with the overdose, psych patients and those with dementia. Now I have a lot harder time with my patience due to the fact that I am telling these people all night the same things I say all day! Stay in bed! don't kick or hit! Don't pull at stuff! You are going to get hurt! Don't leave with out asking! You have to keep your clothes on!)
7. I was with the kids A LOT!

Conclusion? I don't really have one. I am not ready to quit, but I might look into a job transition. Maybe an environment where I actually get to take my breaks?! I can't be constantly moving 24 hours a day and legally we are entitled to our breaks... but I will never consistently get them at this job...

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