Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2 things

Today was Noah's Wednesday off. We spent the day biking and hanging out at the beach with the boys and the youth group. We had a great time!

Noah and I saw this highschool "couple". I commented how sad it was that the poor girl was thin and looked amazing but her boyfriend was still skinnier then her! I guess she digs skinny white guys! (I love that tee shirt!) Noah says that is why you shouldn't date in high school...

One of my failures as a mom is not being able to convince Deacon that he needs to wear underwear every day. He will wear it occasionally. Generally though, even if he starts the day with it on, within a couple of hours it will have mysteriously disappeared. So it was funny when he ran into the water that I noticed he was wearing underwear! Of course they were under his swim trunks...the only place society does not demand that he wear them!

I don't think he quite gets the concept.

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