Thursday, June 26, 2008

My blogging rules

1. I can only blog once a day. I keep a list by my computer of "bloggable" stories so that I don't forget them if they happen to us on a day that already has an entry. (I think I would appear to be starved for adult interaction if I posted more than once a day).

2. If I have too many things I have to blog about in one day, I am allowed to just stick them all in one post under a generic subject line.

3. I am allowed to change the dates and times on my entries, but only for the greater good.

4. No last names on the blog

5. Nothing that is mean. The blog is on the internet, and I never know who will stumble across my site!

6. Lastly, I have to make time to make comments on the blogs that I read. On my site generally the only people who comment are people who have blogs- and that is because us bloggers know how fun it is to get comments! (by the way, my blog does allow non gmail comments...just in case you didn't know :)

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