Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last day of 27

Yes, folks. This is the last day of me being 27. It is a sad thing for me - every birthday gets harder. I envision myself as being young, but reality is really starting to set in... and we also are coming up on our 8th wedding anniversary! That is very shocking in to my emotional system as well...

When I was little I had "My Little Pony" birthday parties. I remember having an animal party when I was in elementary school. I spent a couple of my birthdays on the Jr. High tri with my youth group. On my 16th birthday I got my first roses from Noah. I think it was my 17th birthday that some friends pulled me out of bed and took me to breakfast. I spent my 18th birthday driving back from Iowa with Noah after we had visited some friends there. Noah planned a surprise party for one of my birthdays in Indiana. More recently I have had small family birthday parties. Deacon asked what we were doing this year. I told him that we weren't doing anything special. He said, "I want to plan a pony party for you. We will get your ponies out and we will have a game where it is a race to see who can get the ponies clothes on first."

So I don't know. Maybe we will have a pony dressing contest. Maybe the boys and I will go to Dairy Queen. Maybe I will do my 42 minute swim at the Y... maybe I will finish my rocks or clean my house. Maybe I will spend all day with my screaming 1 year old firmly attached to my leg...

I know this post is somewhat depressing, (or maybe just for me?!) So I thought I would give you the titles for the posts for the next few days, just to keep you reading :) This week with the three22nds we will be discussing "Reflections on the year", "mean mom week", "Julie's blogging rules", "no work for 2 week experiment", "Ponies vs. Barbies" and of course there will be pictures of me in a bridesmaid dress and of the boys covered in mud, and hopefully, if I can get it done, my latest parody.

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The Three 22nds said...

I love you.

Happy birthday!