Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Dear Noah,

Thanks for loving babies as much as I do. Thanks for helping Deacon write his name when I am too frusterated to continue. Thanks for keeping them quiet when I am trying to sleep after a long night at work. Thanks for Saturday morning sleep-ins. Thanks for supporting my goals. Thanks for helping with children's church and the nursery whenever you are needed. Thanks for changing diapers and getting kids dressed. Thanks for taking your turn helping Roman with the potty training. Thanks for reading lots of stories. Thanks for your trips to legoland for presents. Thanks for cleaning up messes. Thanks for phone calls during the day just to see how it is going. Thanks for installing the fence. Thank you for spending your days off with us. Thanks for allowing me time away when I need it. Thanks for chipotle, chocolate and icecream. Thanks for coaching tee ball. Thanks for all the pictures you take. Thanks for sharing cute things you see the boys do. Thanks for all the trips to the Y. Thanks for taking them on rides when someone needs to. Thanks for being a man our boys can look up to.

I love you,


joolee said...

You two are so cute....I can't believe that your love affair started so long youth group! You both seem like wonderful parents....I'm convinced if we lived closer our families could be great friends! What do you think about arranged marriages?;) My girlies need husbands with good fathers.......

joolee said...

oh, and thanks for your help with my blogging issues:)

Mrs. Jo said...

This was a touching post!

If I wasn't largely pregnant (thus making a 1,300 mile drive impossible), I probably would have met you at the wedding! It was really tough to be home while our Becki got married! Please post lots of pics since my in-laws are bad about sending pics!
The shower cake was funny and I wish I could have been there for her lingerie shower! I still need to send her gift (talk about procrastinating!)

I loved ponies too and now my daughter has some (though I wasn't smart enough to save my own from when I was a girl). Even little Jer took one to church yesterday, which got some laughs from the youth group boys. At least it was blue and he was calling it a horsie!

By the way, happy birthday! You are still soooo young even if you don't feel like it!