Friday, January 31, 2014

Final Tally for January Goals!

All in all this month went ok.  I rarely can accomplish everything on my list- partly because I dream big, and partly because random life things happen that throw off my days.  And that is ok, it is just part of life in general - and especially life in a big family!

Run/Walk 100miles  (ran 50, walked 51.25!)
300 push ups  (390!)
Home Front:
Finish B's bed (Noah!)
Go through B's clothes
Go through E's clothes
Create some space in girls room for toys (still working on this, Berean does not want to move any toys.  We will see who wins this one.)
Deep clean upstairs bathroom
Go through everything in bathroom and purge (Noah did this with me- helps so much and makes it much more fun to do together!)
Clean and sort through our closet
clean and sort through our room
clean and sort through our office area (this is still in progress, as I decided to go through my filing system and update it.  Basically, I feel like I have been through every paper in the house that has not been archived in the basement. Lots of recycling and shredding accomplished!)
clean all upstairs carpet
delete pictures to have manageable computer files (I have been through 90% of files, but need to go through them again with Noah)
scan in pictures, memorabilia for kids files (started but not anywhere near done. HUGE job)
back up files!
pictures up on our bedroom walls
All Christmas stuff down, packed away and THROW out the stuff I don't ever use!

stick with budget (did ok, didn't keep careful track though...)
eat out/pizza only 3 times this month (we bombed this one...not horribly money-wise, but dates ended up being eating out etc and having a barely functioning kitchen did not help this goal. Yeah, this was a fail.)

have people over 1 time (Grandma game night and impromptu small group gathering)

mini dates with each kid (the kids loved this!)
Date night with Noah
fun with friends for me x1 (went out with 2 friends- had a great time, must do it more often!)
Blog 20 times  (not super fascinating blog posts, but proved to myself that I do have time for the things I wish to make a priority)

Make 2 well child check up appts
take kids to well child check ups
make all kids dentist appts

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