Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snapshots From My Day

*Evie coming downstairs  all proud of herself in her new outfit, which she (with a little help from Berean) managed to get on all by herself!

*A couple minutes later heard the bath water running and ran upstairs to find Evie, in her new outfit, giving herself a fully clothed bath.

*Appliance man coming and verifying that it is, in fact, a huge leak from our dishwasher

*Helping Berean write her name, and finding that she, for some reason, is completely opposed to capital N's. This is a new hatred.

*Walking around the house wearing one slipper.  I should write a poem about this.

*Listening to 'A Little Princess' in the Suburban and seeing my boys' sense of justice take root.

*Teaching the Awana Sparks about gentleness, and realizing that I could use more gentleness in my life.

*Having a friend ask me a question that made me realize that I am a significantly different person than I used to be.

*Trying to carry on a conversation with another 'mom of many'.

*Finally got the invitation to the birthday party that Deacon lost.  Thankfully the party hasn't happened yet.

*Letting Berean call Noah and her Grandma on the phone just so that she could give a play by play of our day to someone other than me.

*Running 4 miles at the Y next to a friend while discussing homeschooling, sickness woes,  needing locks on our doors and our children.

*Realizing after my run that I am still not completely recovered from my recent illness.  My energy levels are subpar.

*Doing pushups multiple times.

*Finding my planner/calendar in the garage after searching the entire house for it multiple times.

*Driving my new Suburban and comparing pros and cons of it compared to my minivan.

*Giving multiple spelling tests.

*Learning about the Arctic Circle.  Anyone know who was the first person was to make it all the way across the Northwest Passage by ship?

*Talking Berean into going to craft class when her daddy had accidentally told her she was going swimming.

*Hauling 5 kids out of the house twice in sub zero conditions.  At least it was sunny!

*Telling the kids that they were going to have a new cousin and hearing what they would name a baby.  B would name a baby "Honey" and Deacon thinks that "Red" is a cool name.  Lincoln is partial to his own name.

*Cleaning up apple juice spilled by a baby who doesn't yet understand open cups and straws.

*Washing dishes by hand and walking on subflooring.

*Laughing about bitstrips on facebook

*Discussing our days with Noah

*Informing a child that they can't fall asleep in our bed because they are too heavy to carry back to their bed.

*Reflecting at the close of the day and looking forward to tomorrow!


Thia said...

-The one slipper thing? You're not alone. I've done it too.
-Suburbans, I love mine! I hope you love yours too.

Elise said...

I love A Little Princess. One of my favorite children's books ever! Enjoyed hearing the name suggestions too. Alethea really liked Alillia and Princess as girl name options.

The Three 22nds said...

Thia- thank you! Glad to know I am not alone. Noah thinks it is really weird :)

Elise- They did like "A Little Princess". Linc calls it "My Little Princess"...maybe it reminds him of "My Little Pony"?