Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day in the Life!

I missed the last couple Day in the Life Roundups, but this week I decided to join Laura and crew for the Winter Session of DITL.
 January 25th, 2014
(I picked a weekend- weekdays are simply too chaotic to keep up with picture taking!)

Lincoln, basketball jersey over footie pjs, working on origami.
8:00-  Ever (2)  starts calling for us.   One of the boys pops a head into our room.  They have been up since 7, their usual, and their day is in full swing.  One of them gets Ever up and we remind them that if they take her out of her crib, they are in charge of her.  Deacon (10) happily agrees.  I know, I know.  We are pretty blessed that we can sleep, 5 children or not,  until 8 every morning, unless we choose to get up earlier.  Getting up earlier would put a damper on late night sheninigans, however- (midnight toilet scrubbing and laundry folding is so edgy, it makes me feel alive and I just can't give it up!).  Noah chooses to get on the treadmill first, so I lay in bed planning my to-do list until 8:20.  I leave the door closed and spend 10 minutes checking facebook, blogs and the news.  I go downstairs and learn that the morning activity of choice is Star Wars Origami.

8:30-9:15- I admire several "Fortune Teller Wookies", "Wickets" and "Han Solos". They all have cutsie names from the book series the boys are reading [Hans Foldo, Anakin Skyfolder], but I can't keep track of them all.  The boys do a nice job following the instructions and being creative. I also help finish up breakfast. The boys had made their own. Ever likes to try to make her own, but mostly make a mess. I eat a couple of pieces of toast with butter and peanut butter.  Then I clean up the main floor.  It got neglected on Friday due to taking the kids sledding in the afternoon and then having date night in the evening.  The boys are apparently cold. Deacon is wrapped in a blanket, and Lincoln has his basketball jersey on over his footie pajamas. Noah is on the treadmill.

Lincoln practices standing on his head, which he does constantly.  Noah continues on the treadmill, and I get ready for my turn.  

9:15-10:15- My running time.  I have a goal to run 50 miles and walk 50 this month.  I am on track, but I gotta get those miles in.  While I run I watch Mansfield Park via Netflex on my Kindle.  Oh, and I stay amused by watching Everyn try to get on all of her sister's clothes.

I think Noah took this picture during my warm-up.  I have to wear those silly ear protectors over my headphones because I can not find a pair of ear buds or even over the ear headphones that feel secure enough that I am not always fiddling with them.  
10:15- I get off the treadmill to find this little lady up and ready to go to the basketball game.  This is her first outfit of the day.  Yes, it is strange to have her sleep this late, but she has had some late nights and has been fighting a cold.  I always tell the boys not to wake her up, that she needs her beauty sleep, but that doesn't always mean that she gets it!  Anyway, she woke up in a good mood, so I am grateful. I took a quick shower and got ready for basketball!

We  all pile into the BRS [Roman coined TLA for Big Red Suburban {TLA - Three Letter Acronym}] and head for the first basketball games of the year for Deacon (10) and Lincoln (6).  Roman (8) doesn't like basketball too much and has decided not to play this year.  Noah coaches Lincoln's team.  The 3 siblings that were not playing spectated well.  My parents were also there, so there were plenty of laps to sit on and snacks to eat.  Notice Everyn's shirt, "Cutest Sister Ever".  I am always on the look out for shirts with her name on them! 

Both Deacon and Lincoln made a couple of baskets in their games, and they looked good out there.  This is an Upward Basketball League and it has been a great environment for them to learn the game in.  
Poor Everyn was getting sleepy by the end of the game.  Sometimes sitting in Grandma's lap, sucking her fingers and looking sad and tired is all that girl needs. She perked up with a post game Popsicle.  Lots of friends were around so we were able to visit a little and watch some of the next game before we escaped toward home.
12:30- We arrive home and I survey the kitchen.  We had a significant acute leak from our dishwasher earlier in the month [catastrophic seal failure].  We just finished the mitigation period and are now waiting on the insurance company in order to replace the floor and start the rebuilding of the kitchen.  In the meantime, one counter/cabinet is not where it should be and is blocking some of my storage cabinets.  Oh joy.  Lots of stacks, and since we are out a dishwasher right now, lots of dish washing.

We clean up a little and have leftover pot roast, carrots and onions for lunch.  The children are not impressed.  The people who dried out the kitchen floor left a path of cardboard for all of their ins and outs.  The kids ask permission to draw on it, and permission is granted.

Baby girl has nap time, man that girl loves to sleep.  Most of my other kids were done with naps before age 2, but not this girl.
Noah follows a link on facebook about good questions to ask in a relationship.  He starts asking these questions like, "When did you feel loved today?" and "How have I showed you my appreciation today?"  Who knows, maybe those questions will transform our lives.
1:30-Time to leave on the Lincoln/Mommy date.  Lincoln is so proud there holding his BOGO Culver's coupon.  I am doing "dates" with the 4 older kids this month, and so far they have been a hit!  I need the weather to warm up so that the dates all don't have to be food related!  Lincoln and I go to Culver's, have fun hanging out (even though he is my little "strong silent type"), and then go to Micheal's for butterfly cut-outs for Berean's bed and Cub for a few days supply of groceries.
3:30- We arrive home and bring the groceries in.  The plan is for spaghetti for 2 nights and pork for one night.  Noah has been working on the "big bed project".  He is making a bed for Berean, and it is getting close to completion.  As soon as I walk in Berean starts asking me for things; Noah said she didn't ask him for anything the whole time I was gone.  She has made a full outfit change, into one of her two favorite dresses. Deacon and Roman head over to the neighbor's house to play, and Lincoln and Berean start a game of their own.  Noah and I get to work putting some paint on the bed.
4:45- everyone is home and working on cleaning up so that they can have their screen time.  One kid gets their time pushed back due to some poor [selective] listening earlier.  All in all though, clean up time is productive- especially after I call them out on the shoving of things under the bed tactic.  The kids settle in for movies/computer/ds/kindle time (Angelina Ballerina for the girls!) and I finish up some walking while watching Mansfield Park.  Noah wants to put another coat of paint on the bed, so I get off the treadmill to help him with that, and then it is time for supper.  We have brats, hotdogs and stir-fried cabbage.  My mom had sent over some Monster Cookies, so we have these for dessert.  

After supper they kids helped clear the table and there was some football play in inappropriate locations.  
8:00-The girls read some books, and everyone was sent to bed.  Lincoln falls asleep relatively fast, but Deacon is up for awhile claiming he can't sleep. Noah got back on the treadmill, and I went upstairs to do some work sorting, shredding and recycling stacks of papers that I haven't gotten to for awhile.  
I watched another lame movie on Netflix as I sorted the papers, and then went downstairs to help Noah glue the bed together.  
We had intended to watch a movie together or something at the end of the day, but all of that bed-building and paper sorting was too exhausting, so we had to settle for going to bed by 11:30!  And that was our day!


Navigating the Mothership said...

That's awesome about the sleeping in (in spite of the late bedtime the night before). I'm so sorry about your dishwasher debacle, what an enormous pain with all the necessary (and major) clean-up and I'm sure you guys are doing SO MANY DISHES each day.

Glad to see you again this quarter!

The Three 22nds said...

oh my, the dishes...even if each of us use only 3 dishes a meal, that is still 63 dishes...pus serving dishes, meal prep, company...snacks, drinks. Thanks for the sympathy, Mothership!

Karla Olsen said...

loved seeing your day- the kids are just getting bigger and bigger!

The Three 22nds said...

Karla- you will be impressed when you see them! Deacon and ROman are getting so tall! They are not soft and cuddly anymore...

Karla Olsen said...

Don't make me cry...I can't believe you won't let mom take at least one of them to visit me :)

Laura Diniwilk said...

What a cute family! I love that your kids all have the exact same face (although I'm sure it doesn't seem like that to you). I only have 2, but they were both born on the 14th :)

The Three 22nds said...

thanks, Laura! I don't notice it in real life, but when I look at pictures I do see the resemblance!

Elise said...

Love how the bed is turning out. Did Berean pick the colors?

Sierra said...

Ugh! Kitchen disasters are THE WORST! You definitely Italy have my sympathies on that one!

I love that you're taking your older kids on dates. I've just decided to start doing that with my boy (though he's only 2). I think he would enjoy getting some one-on-one mommy time.

Adorable bed!