Thursday, January 2, 2014


It has been a rough couple of months, and an even rougher last couple of weeks!  The kids got hit with the stomach flu, and then caught influenza.  I had 9 days off between Christmas and this coming weekend, and I have essentially been sick for all of those days.

It is unfortunate  because I had a lot of home projects that I was hoping to get done while I was "on break" from work and homeschooling.  Alas, that was not to be, and so I am facing the jump into the second half of the school year and the first part of the New Year already feeling behind and frustrated.

I am trying to rectify that by formulating a plan!  Instead of making yearly goals or resolutions this year, I am going to make my goals on a month to month basis.


Run/Walk 100miles
300 push ups

Home Front:
Finish B's bed (Noah!)
Go through B's clothes
Go through E's clothes
Create some space in girls room for toys
Deep clean upstairs bathroom
Go through everything in bathroom and purge
Clean and sort through our closet
clean and sort through our room
clean and sort through our office area
clean all upstairs carpet
delete pictures to have manageable computer files
scan in pictures, memorabilia for kids files
back up files!
pictures up on our bedroom walls
All Christmas stuff down, packed away and THROW out the stuff I don't ever use!

stick with budget
eat out/pizza only 3 times this month

have people over 1 time
mini dates with each kid
Date night with Noah
fun with friends for me x1 (lunch with coworkers, shopping with friend...something)
Blog 20 times

Make 2 well child check up appts
take kids to well child check ups
make all kids dentist appts


I have some other more personal educational/spiritual/marriage goals, but writing and publishing the above ones should help me accomplish some things that I really need to get done - for example, the picture/scanning stuff that has been put off for far too long!


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