Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jan goal update!


I have not gotten as much done on my list as I would have liked- partially due to the fact that as I was putting away the Christmas stuff, we were alerted that water was pouring through the basement ceiling.  Therefore, we have been dealing with the kitchen, water damage etc and not spending very much time deleting pictures :(  On the plus side, when this is all done with, the kitchen will have been deep cleaned!

Run/Walk 100miles (Run 22 and walked 20- almost on track!)
300 push ups (working on this one, by end of day should be 150!)

Home Front:
Finish B's bed (Noah!) (the end is in sight)
Go through B's clothes
Go through E's clothes
Create some space in girls room for toys
Deep clean upstairs bathroom
Go through everything in bathroom and purge
Clean and sort through our closet
clean and sort through our room (working on!)
clean and sort through our office area
clean all upstairs carpet
delete pictures to have manageable computer files (very close)
scan in pictures, memorabilia for kids files (started!)
back up files!
pictures up on our bedroom walls
All Christmas stuff down, packed away and THROW out the stuff I don't ever use!

stick with budget (doing ok)
eat out/pizza only 3 times this month (once as a date night with Deke, N brought home chipotle once...maybe that is it?  Maybe we got pizza once before Noah read my goals?)

have people over 1 time
mini dates with each kid (Deacon done)
Date night with Noah
fun with friends for me x1 (lunch with coworkers, shopping with friend...something)
Blog 20 times (on track!)

Make 2 well child check up appts
take kids to well child check ups
make all kids dentist appts

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