Tuesday, January 28, 2014


To get all my non-facebooking friends caught up...

QOTD: B: "Ever is a very brave baby. She let me help get her arms into her shirt, and she let me see if there was any black stuff between her toes. She is a strange baby, but very, very brave."

QOTD:  B (teary): "My shoes stepped on my fingers!"

after hearing Berean say things about cutting people's heads off, I sat down with the boys to try to figure out where she was getting this stuff. I asked them if they had been talking like that or if one of their shows used that terminology. They said that they hadn't been and then Deacon said, "it is from our history, Mom." Yup, we have been reading about Henry VIII, Bloody Mary and Queen Elizabeth...she is apparently paying more attention than I thought. 

In the 5 minute drive home Deacon used the words "protocol", "discern" and "stimulating" in conversation. I love that kid!

QOTD: B: "Roman, if you don't share your Christmas present, God will put you out of my family!" R: "yeah, right" B: "Or at least God will tell you that you have sinned!" oh brother...

N: "You are a couple of beautiful girls."
B: "Yes, but Ever is not so cute anymore now that she spilled sausage pizza all over the front of my pink vest."
N: "She's still cute."

 QOTD: L: "What is a hippie?" R: "A guy who likes flowers"

 QOTD: D: "Doesn't the Sushi Olympics start on February 4th?"

coordinated a 2pm energy release playdate with neighbor. 5 boys outside creating havoc- as Deacon says, "there is all kind of mindless activities to do outside in the winter!" 

Deacon's questions and conversations during supper: "I wish I could taste with my fingers"- this was quickly retracted; and "I wish I had google in my head"- Noah told him he could have, but the upgrade was $5000 so we passed.

QOTD: D: "Mom, didn't you ever want time on the internet when you were little, just to look things up?" Me: "we didn't have the internet when I was a kid. What do you want to look up?" D: "I want to see things like if Sonic the Hedgehog has his own Wiki page".

got home from work to find little Ever, decked out in ONLY her winter coat, hat and boots waiting by the door. "Go", she said, and pointed out the door. Don't think Noah will be able to run his errands without his little buddy today!

 QOTD: (overheard) R: "we really need our own theme song." L: "you mean like a 'B---- Boys' theme song?" (pause) R: "yes, we definitely need our own theme song."

B: "Can I have more Fruit Loops? I can't find any more on the floor to eat."

N: "We're having pancakes for lunch?"
B: "With blueberries in them?"
N: "No, sorry, I don't have any blueberries."
B: "Then why are we doing this?"

N: "Why did Martin Luther nail the 95 theses to the church door?"
D: "Because he didn't like the church accepting money for their projects in exchange for going to heaven."
N: "What's the name for that?"
D: "A scam?"

QOTD: R: "Linc, guess what! (insert neighbor kid's name here) has just found an ANCIENT MAP, and it's of OUR OWN BACKYARD!" L: "Roman, I think he probably just drew it himself" R: "I know, but LET's GO FOLLOW IT ANYWAY!" 

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Grandma Debbie said...

These are great! Thanks for the sharing!!!

Elise said...

Turns out that yes, I am a church kid.