Monday, January 13, 2014

It's Been 6 Years

Everyn had her 2-year-old check up today.  She was non compliant with her weight check and shook her head violently "no" whenever she was asked to do something.

She refused her sticker after getting a shot, and not even Deacon's coaxing could get a smile after that injustice.

My baby has a sparkle in her little eyes, and she is a busy one.  In fact, I haven't had a busier toddler since Roman.  Her curiosity knows no bounds and I spend a great deal of time trailing her and trying to contain the disasters in her wake.

In fact, this morning at the clinic Deacon was filling out the developmental milestones questionnaire for Everyn.  He was looking ahead to the preschool section and it asked if the kid could use a scissors.  He started laughing, "oh, Evie can do this", he said.  "She loves using scissors".  And he is right.  She loves scissors, and sharpies and anything else that looks even remotely adult or dangerous.

Today she learned how to unbolt the door.  The extra lock we had to put on it for Roman's sake is no longer functioning. 

Ah, but she is cute.  Her smile is incredible and she is extremely interactive and loving.  She loves toys and playing pretend- she likes toys much more than Berean.  She just wants to be a big kid, and to keep up with everyone else. Why shouldn't she use glass cups, transfer liquids, do laundry, make food and open doors to go places?  Everybody else does.

It seems like just yesterday that I was facing trying to manage toddler Roman.  And now he is 8 years old and can do all the things he yearned to do at 2.  And I know that it will be very soon that Evie is 8 and no longer needing me with her all day long. 

But for now, we are close.  Very, very close.


Elise said...

Of all my nieces and nephews, Everyn is by far the most excited to see me whenever show up. I always get a huge smile and it makes my day every time. She can light up a room, that one. :-)

Karla Olsen said...

Love that little girl...hope you are still helping her say my name :)