Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Football Thoughts

Football day!  The boys have been excited all week, but then ended up playing outside during most of the first game.  That's ok, though, it is better for them anyway!

We were going to get Deke an Indianapolis Colts hoodie for Christmas, but through a series of events I didn't end up ordering it until after Christmas and it just arrived this week.  He was born in Indiana and (along with the rest of the family) considers the Colts one of his favorite teams.  It arrived Thursday and he has been wearing it continuously since he pulled it from the package.  Tomorrow I am going to have to get it away from him long enough to wash it!  It was just unfortunate that the team lost before the hoodie arrived.

Lincoln likes all the teams that have to do with animals.  He won't really admit it, but why else would he be continually talking about the Bengals?  He and Deacon have been drawing symbols and team names in block letters all week.

 Even though Peyton Manning doesn't have the tattoos of Kaepernick (*sigh*), he still is my favorite quarterback, and I always like to see his team succeed. Go Broncos! The boys really like the 49ers though, and I do too- what's not to love about a team who's name helps your kids remember a historical event?

Anyway, I am hoping for a Bronco-San Francisco Superbowl- we'll see what happens!  I think that game would evenly split our family cheering section- which makes it way more fun!

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Karla Olsen said...

We had a 5th grader miss school today so he could watch the games...pretty sure he stayed up all night and then had to watch the last game too :) 13 hour difference makes it hard.