Friday, January 10, 2014

Date #1

This evening Deacon went to a birthday party.  Due to various circumstances it worked out very nicely for him, after the party, to accompany Noah and I on our dinner date.

He is growing up and a little bit obsessed with his kindle and his sudoku puzzles.  (Maybe he takes after his Grandma?)

In the restaurant I tried to point out to him all of the couples we saw where both parties were on their phones instead of interacting.  I want him to see the ridiculousness of that, the futility.  At least be on the same side of the booth, both looking at the same phone!

Anyway, we worked on a Sudoku puzzle together while we waited for our table, and then the three of us played the game "Spot It" while we waited for our food.  He seemed a little miffed that he didn't get to pick where we went for our "date", but I think he secretly enjoyed his time with just us, and we enjoyed being with him.

Going out to eat with a 10 year old is actually a perfectly pleasant, non-stressful outing.

The restaurant that we were at serves hot rolls with cinnamon butter.  He really liked them, but wanted to make sure that we had some left over to take home to share with his brothers and sisters.  I love how they are never far from his mind, or his heart.

At the bowling alley for the birthday party, he got some "points" that he could buy prizes with.  He got a small piece of candy for himself and then used the rest of his points to buy 2 rings for his sisters.  He has such a sensitive spirit, and I pray that God will enable us to encourage those traits and help him to always think of others.

I definitely want to make sure to go out with just him more often!

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Karla Olsen said...

I hope you didn't let him order Mac & Cheese?! :) Do I have the right place? haha