Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pictures soon?

I know I have been neglecting my poor blog. I never even got a winter picture up on my header. But my blog shouldn't be more put together then me or my house, should it?

Anyway, Noah was home for 3 days and I never got him to get all the pictures onto the computer. So, sweetie, tonight will you do that? Thanks :)

Sunday morning we woke up to Deacon coming into our room and saying that he had a problem. I didn't pay much attention because he was on Noah's side of the bed, so it was now Noah's problem. Noah got up and went over to the chair. I soon woke up enough to at least kind of follow along with the situation. Seems that Deacon had been pretending to be an elephant and had stuck the hard plastic extention for the shop vac onto his arm. He needed a trunk, you know. Anyway, he put it so far on that he could not get it off. Neither could Noah.

We used our combined intellect, some lubrication, a coat hanger and 20 minutes of precious Sunday morning time to release him from his trunk.

We are just glad we didn't have to involve a saw or an ED copay.


Grandma Debbie said...

Any photos of the elephant before his trunkectomy?

Billi Jo said...

Precious Sunday morning time...oh how can I relate to that! It seems that all the funny fascinating things happen on the MOST rushed mornings.

See comments on you WIN!

Mrs. Jo said...

Hee hee

I love the cute pics of your little "knights"

hadassah811 said...

Comes in handy to have a nurse and an engineer in the family . . . makes for good problem solving on the spot=-)