Monday, February 9, 2009

10 signs you may be a homeschool family

1. Your shower curtain is a fairly accurate world map
2. You learn all the presidents in order on a road trip
3. An accurate representation of the USA is painted on your driveway
4. You have toured every major company and museum in the city
5. You actually have been in your county's historical society
6. You take your kids on a bus for "the experience"
7. Your house is filled with paper, writing utensils and books
8. You let your children melt pens in the oven for art class
9. Your pet is a rooster that you hatched in your very own crock pot
10. You check out a laundry basketful of books from the public library every 3 weeks

I am sure there are 100s more...

What are yours?


Rachel said...

Another would be that your closet would be full of jean jumpers.

Funny thing. . .I just told Paul yesterday that my mom wants to take the boys on the bus, to the light rail, to the MOA and back. Paul thought this was bizarre and I think my exact words were, "It's like a field trip and the experience will be fun and educational."

Momma Bear said...

wow pens in the oven? I'd like to hear about that art project.
This is a funny list. My sister in law homeschools well both of them do but the one is this list to a tee! I saw her laundry basket of books once and I was like "holy cow"!
And you know I think she has jean jumpers too!

Billi Jo said...

Your front window provides the best frame for seasonal artwork.

My secret motivation is too allow the sun light to discolor it enough to be considered “damaged” and then we can throw it away.

Matt said...

So who hatched the rooster in their crock pot? And more importantly, what cool art projects can you make with melted pens?

peter said...

- Your family has a stockpile of guns, ammo, and canned goods left over from Y2K.

- You moved to Canada when Clinton was re-elected.

- You've taken a family vacation to the Creationism Museum.

- Your kids use "Saxon" as a swear word. (full disclosure: this was us)

- You've eaten corn in order to demonstrate how the digestive system works.

- You celebrate "take your daughter to work day" by making your daughter to all of the cooking and cleaning.

- Your kid's first date is what most people call a "honeymoon."

Grandma Debbie said...

Not necessarily funny - but true...

- You're never home because you are going to museums, major companies, writing club, coop, etc.

- The new 10-year-old in the neighborhood asks your 10-year-old if everyone in Minnesota uses big words or if it's just him.

- You get a letter from the school district suggesting that you may want to keep your kids in the house during school hours.

- Your children who are eleven years apart in age know each other reasonably well.