Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Poor Deacon lost one of his top teeth when he was 4. You may remember that unfortunate playground incident. (should be a link. But I hate linking.)

About a month ago he whacked his mouth on his knee and his two bottom teeth became loose. I was worried about it because the poor kid can barely eat, and it seems early for him to be losing teeth. Anyway, we went to his cleaning last week and the dentist said his 6 year molars were in so it was perfect timing for his bottom 2 to come out. He told Deacon to wiggle away.

So Deacon has been wiggling.

2 nights ago Noah noticed that one of them was gone, but Deacon doesn't remember losing it.

This morning, while eating his toast Deacon became very irritated with me. He couldn't believe that I would buy that peanut butter with the hard things in it. I said, "Deke. I didn't buy crunchy peanut butter. It is probably your tooth!" He didn't believe me and still was suspicious that I was trying to con him. I found the tooth and his irritation turned to glee.

Now the tooth fairy better get organized and find some sort of toothy prize.

In other news, I swam laps yesterday for the first time since September. Taking 5 months off to "concentrate on my run" didn't do my run or my swim any favors. My running distance has not improved. My mile times haven't improved and my mile swim times are. Hmm... what mile swim times? I just about died after 3 laps. I did power through and swim a 1/2 mile before I had to quit to go watch Deke on the slide. I guess it is pool time for me. But with a swim cap this time.

Having a chronic chlorine infiltration stinks.

Remember the denim jumper I talked about a week or so ago? Yeah, I should link it again, but remember, I hate doing links. I make fun of homeschool moms and denim jumpers sometimes (also sweatshirts with nature scenes on them) but my secret is that I own a denim jumper. It is a maternity one and I thought that it was ok because it was from Motherhood Maternity and not a garage sale in a church basement. And it is spaghetti straps. So I thought I could wear it with a spaghetti strap tank and look somewhat cool.

But being 50 pounds heavier is really not cool no matter what you wear or how many babies are in there.

I was going to put it on and take a picture of me in it for you all, but it is appallingly large in all the wrong places when I am not pregnant.

So I put it back in the maternity bin. Because no matter how horrible it is, I just can't get rid of it yet. If you ever see me wearing it, please arrange for me to climb over a fence. It is almost a guarantee that it will rip. And since I don't know how to sew, it will be gone for good.

Yeah. That would be great.


Momma Bear said...

are you training for a Tri?

Also, your poor babe slamming his mouth into his knee! ugg glad he's okay though!

Matt said...

Let's here it for triathlon training!! Becki and I were thinking of calling ours the "Delta Triathlon", because the capital Greek Delta is a triangle (for the three events), and the symbol also designates "change" in science (for the changing of activities). Pretty cool, huh?

The Three 22nds said...

Matt, pretty dorky.

But I'm a dork. I'm in.

Momma Bear said...

That's so cool! I love it the idea of Tri's. I had my heart set on a couple in 2006 & 2007, worked hard for 6 months only to injure myself-my foot. It still has not healed. So I thought oh well I'm going to run anyways and take tylenol when needed and soak it etc. But my knees starting giving me problems, severe pain. Found out i have no cartilage in my knees, found that out in November and I'm still feeling pretty discouraged about it. Not sure what to do now except try to lose some weight. I know that I love spin classes so perhaps I'll just focus on the bike for a while. Oh yeah and swimming I hear is great for the knees. At any rate, good luck and I'd love to continue to hear updates about your training, your goals etc. if that's possible. It's very motivating when other moms fit stuff like this into their lifestyles, inspiring in fact. Take Care!

Lesley said...

Whenever I read what you say about jean jumpers, I just laugh out loud. I don't know why it is so funny to me -- maybe because it's such a typical stereotype of the homeschool mom but it just seriously cracks me up. As far as homeschooling goes, thanks for filling me in on what you're doing. It sounds like you've got a great plan and system started. That is awesome that you have so much support too from your family members.

My husband was homeschooled for grades 6-10 and then started going to college but I went to public school amd so I am a homeschool novice and this is incredibly new to me. I'm hoping that I will succeed and not screw any of my kids up academically :)

Oh and about swimming laps. Did you swim competitively growing up or do you just like to swim? I just started swimming myself about a month ago and I LOVE it, although it is taking time to build up endurance since I have never been a lap swimmer before. I was happy when I could swim two laps the other day before having to stop and catch my breath. I wonder if I'm doing something wrong or if it just takes time to get better? I try to go 3-4 times a week and swim for 45+ minutes. Hopefully I'll get better as time goes on and not look like such a fool in the water. I'm trying really hard anyway. :)

Now that was a rambling comment!