Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Joe Crede

Just what the Twins needed: a 3rd baseman for only 2.5 million. Or something. Apparently a bad back comes with a pay cut :)

hah, hah Peter! You are reading this aren't you? I knew I could get you to glance at my post when a title like that popped up on your reader! You should probably quit now because the post is going to have no more about baseball. or politics. or theology.

I will leave you with a quote by Joe Crede, "This can do nothing but help our confidence."

I have no idea what he was talking about.

And I actually don't remember how much the Twins are paying him and know little else about him.

This isn't even really a real post. I was just going to tell you what needs to get done today before I can write a real post tonight:

take boys on walk
sign them up for swim lessons
wash floor
clean bathrooms
sort papers
make supper
finish book
Bible study lesson
paint cabinets.

Hmmm...I guess we will have to see...

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peter said...

You got me. I'm 8 minutes into a 6-hour online class on ERISA regulations. Call me sometime when you're having trouble sleeping and I will explain what ERISA is.

I like this quote better: "This is the year. We have no holes." - Carlos Gomez

Will tonight's post be on The Shack?