Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Denim Confession

You guys are funny.

My life is somewhat funny.

One of my kids vomited early this morning.

I am now on hyperalert.

They are watching TV on quilts on the couch and floor.

There is a bucket handy and they have all been instructed how to use it.

Seriously, the whole complicated flight-attendantesque dramatized "how to" descriptions.

They are all being sparingly doled out sips of water and crackers. Even though only one threw up and appears fine.

They are grilled every 15 minutes about how their tummies, throats, mouths and chins feel.

The one that threw up says, "great"

The one that wants to continue watching TV says, "not so good."

The baby dances on the table.

I am following them around sanitizing everything with disinfecting wipes

We are on a hug-hold and a kiss-strike

I pat them on their little heads while standing an arms length away.

The denim confession will have to wait.

They are all doing headstands on the floor.

I need to get the steam cleaner on standby.

*keep the homeschool family ideas coming! They are making me laugh. I plan to talk about some of them in a future post!

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Genna said...

"The baby dances on the table."

I love that. :) Sounds like it could be a line from a poem.