Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all

I am just having one of those bad days. I am crabby, so the kids are crabby.

I am tired of the cold.
I am tired of the snow.
I am tired of the whining.
And the snotty noses.

I wish I had a lot of dessert to eat.

And I know here in the world of blog, we are supposed to put a funny or poignant or happy spin on whatever is going on in our lives. But I got nothing for ya.

Thankfully, I have been saving up kid comments for a moment like this:

1. The boys were SO EXCITED to see some grass today. They were all ready to head for the park, winter is OVER! I said it wasn't. Deacon asked if it was going to last for 15 more years. I said that it feels like it, but for everything there is a season.

2. Deacon and Roman were looking at pictures of Deacon right after he was born. Deacon said, "oh look! There is my new penis!" He was kind of in a sitting position Then he looked at the picture more carefully and saw the little yellow clippy on his belly button and decided that the whole thing was probably just a pacifier. Whatever. I didn't weigh in.

3. There is a part in the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything movie where one bad pirate calls the other one a "ninny". Deacon said, "I guess he called him a mini because he is so small." So that is the new ultimate insult at our house...."youuuuu minnniiiii!". Once again, whatever. I didn't correct him.

4. Roman announced that his puggles (Awana 2-3 year olds) group has 2 songs that they sing: 1. Surf's Up and 2. "We are the Puggles that don't do anything".

I gotta check with Teacher Ruby, but I kind of think this is all just in Roman's imagination of a perfect social situation. There are four components: 1. Teacher Ruby 2. The snacks in Teacher Ruby's bag 3. Surfing and 4. Pirates.


Momma Bear said...

thx so much for sharing about your experience with trying to sell. It helps to know that others went through this experience and yet they're okay. I appreciate it.

Momma Bear said...

oh yeah and I feel crappy today too and I'm grumpy at the kids. I just want to snap out of it and I can't!

joolee said...

I love the new penis comment:)

And for the record, I could eat a lot of dessert right now too. And just maybe I will.......
or not.

Or I will......Gwen just spilled a huge bowl of popcorn over the floor. One of those days on my end too:(

Grandma Debbie said...

It sounds like it's one of those days where it may help to remind yourself that you're not wiping noses; you're nurturing eternal souls. (And try to get a few moments to yourself.)

Heather of the EO said...

Grandma made me choke up. "nurturing eternal souls" I like that. And I'm going to steal calling people a mini. That's hilarious.