Friday, July 18, 2008

Why I love my husband

1. Because he takes incredible pictures of airplanes. Doesn't that look photo shopped?
2. Because he coaches my son's tee ball team
3. Because he is more entertaining then my son to watch at tee ball games
4. Because he is so funny...
5. Because he almost always wins at Settlers! (I quit winning. Now I just like to keep it in the family)
6. Because he makes up his own jokes
7. Because he actually has questions and gets excited when I tell him I got to use a new ventilator at work that gives a patient 210breaths per MINUTE!
8. Because he rewashes the peanut butter knives for me when they don't get clean in the dishwasher.
9. Because he loads and unloads the dishwasher
10. Because he never says, "you overcommitted yourself". He just picks up a crayon and helps me color Veggie Pirate Posters.
11. Because he calmly assists me in all of my wild schemes (I am the race horse, he is the goat)
12. Because he buys me burritos when I need one. And ice cream. And starbursts.
13. Because he doesn't chastise me when I eat all of the starbursts and get sick.
14. Because when I said, "Let's do the LazyMan Tri" he said, "ok"
15. Because when I said, "Let's do a 5K on Christmas morning" he said, "What??? OK"
16. Because when I said, "Let's do an Olympic Triathlon" he said, "Are you crazy? Ok"
17. Because when I said, "I don't need a new bike" he said, "yes, you do"
18. Because he is willing to spend money (ok...that is not always a good thing, but it IS a quality that I don't have)
19. Because he can carry on a conversation with anybody
20. Because he admires my fine qualities :)
21. Because he doesn't think I am a bad mom when my 2 year old makes it to the top of a 7 foot fence
22. Because he inflates my bike tires. A lot.
23. Because he grills and cooks gourmet.
24. Because he cares about spiritual things
25. Because he is willing to listen to my rants.
26. Because he calms me down during my rants.
27. Because he changes diapers. A lot.
28. Because he doesn't insist on always watching movies that he likes
29. Because he understands uploading and downloading
30. Because he draws me pictures to explain why we should buy a certain camera
31. Because he truly loves to hang out with me
32. Because he does stuff with my family
33. Because he thinks that I am smart
34. Because he doesn't discourage me from my goals
35. Because he spends his free time with us
36. Because he laughed when I got a speeding ticket
37. Because he wanted to turn the whole driver class I can take so they rip up the speeding ticket into a mini vacation
38. Because he holds his principles very dear
39. Because he wears dorky tee shirts
40. Because he loves to grocery shop
41. Because he always gets up in the night to check on suspicious noises
42. Because if he wants the pizza, he orders it
43. Because if he gets home and there is no supper, he creates one or buys one without a single word.
44. Because he does not think that just because I stay home with the kids that I can actually get anything else done.
45. Because he helps with domestic tasks as well as his job
46. Because he reads stories with the boys
47. Because he is a formidable opponent in family dodgeball
48. Because he is a formidable opponent in any dodgeball
49. Because he plays hard.
50. Because he is less hard hearted and cynical then I am
51. Because he brought the little mouse to work
52. Because he is excellent at killing flys and mosquitoes
53. Because he doesn't mind if I wait in the car at places like The Source
More to come in another post...I gotta go!


Karla said...

maybe you could add...cause he is nice to his sister-in-laws....thanks noah(:
Julie I see you got your self into a debate(: love ya!

Karla said...

oh got a speeding ticket? Noah took a mouse to work?

The Three 22nds said...

Yeah, on the way home from G & Gs. It was lovely. Anyway, you know about the mouse...remember when he didn't want to kill it so he drove with it all the way to work and released it in the field?

The Three 22nds said...

I have no problem killing a mouse in a fair fight.

The mouse in question was weak, dehydrated, and quite pathetic. I wasn't interested in crushing him with my bare hands.


joolee said...

Sounds like you got yourself a keeper! But I bet I could wipe #5 off the list if given the chance:)

The Three 22nds said...

Maybe:) We do tend to play with people that we have taught and who aren't quite as "into it" as we are! In fact there is many a time that after the game we will say to each other, "so and so should have won...they just have no end game!" But it is true that the opprotunities to count Noah out are few and far between, and usually only when his numbers just are not being rolled at all.