Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our Trip

The boys and I, along with my mom and sister, took a 32 hour tour to visit my grandparents. It was crazy... crazy like the first thing got broken approximately 2 minutes after walking into my grandparents small apartment.

But the grandparents got to see the boys, the boys got to climb around on tractors, and me? Well, I survived.

I forgot my camera, but my mom had hers, so hopefully I can get some pictures soon!

Deacon: "Grandpa Andy used to live in a house but then they moved into this high tower."

(The "high tower" is a 2 story brick building. I love how kids can make things sound so fancy. We stayed in the "little blue house" and our directions were, "go down the road, turn by the pile of rocks and park somewhere beyond Betty Draymeirs car". Gotta love small towns.)

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joolee said...

I love the new picture.....especially the intervening hand. Aaah, brotherly love:)