Sunday, July 13, 2008


This weekend we had the privilage of adding a Burley ride behind bike to our rather large fleet of transportation systems. We are so excited! Now with Deacon on the ride behind hooked to my bike, and the other 2 in the burley bike trailer behind Noah, we can all go together! Yeah!

It has been so windy though! It is hard enough with wind alone but dragging all the little people on these windy days is tough! Good training though!

Deacon has a death grip on the handle bars. He talks and sings constantly as we ride along and then occasionally calls out for a stop because he has to itch his nose, or scratch his knee or shake out his hands. I told him he doesn't have to grip so tightly, but so far he hasn't loosened up... I will try to get a picture soon!

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Karla said...

I would hold on tightly are a crazy biker...the poor kid is probably scared(: there two many more do you want?