Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary Noah!

It is our 8th wedding anniversary today. I worked last night, slept this morning, hung out with my friends and their kids all afternoon and am now getting my computer time. Noah worked all day, was home for 1/2 hour and then was off to Elder Board and broomball. So much for our anniversary celebration :)

He is off tomorrow, so maybe we will do something? Actually, before everyone gets all upset, we are planning a short trip in September to celebrate, so we can pretend that is in honor of our anniversary.

Yes, 8 years ago we were heading for Duluth eating those weird fireballs and discussing the wedding...

Since then we have kept discussing everything, but have laid off on the fireballs. They are kind of weird after all. But pop rocks are weirder.

It has been a good 8. A really good 8. I don't think that even on my wedding day 8 years ago I anticipated how fun the next 8 years would be. And so to my favorite person in the world, I love you! Thanks for loving me all this time!


grandma pam said...

Happy Anniversary (it's bronze)and have a great day together tomorrow!

joolee said...

He's an elder!? Another young one....how do you feel about that? I have a post titled Mrs Church Elder that I haven't had the guts to post yet. (My hubby is an elder too).
Happy Anniversary!

Heather A. said...

Happy Anniversary Julie & Noah! Congratulations!