Thursday, July 3, 2008

One of those weeks

VBS is over, so I decided that this week was the week of accomplishment. Why did I think that would work? Oh yeah, it is because I have delusions of grandeur. A lot of delusions of grandeur.

I try to be positive about my domestic failures. Honestly, I accomplish tons more now with 3 kids then I ever did when it was just Noah and I. I don't know what I did back then. Why wasn't I training for a triathlon then? Why wasn't I sorting through and throwing out my junk then? Why wasn't I taking care of my pictures and pre making meals for when I had kids? :)

I don't know, but I should have done more.

And then, when I only had 1 or 2 kids. Why didn't their scrapbooks get done? Why wasn't my house clean...I had a lot more time then...

So now I have 3 kids. I am training for this triathlon, keeping my house cleaner then it has ever been, working 2 shifts a week and going crazy. Why? Because of the delusions of grandeur.

So I decided that this week would be a good week to have an intense training week, take down and clean all of my venetian blinds, wash all the windows, paint my exterior trim and get some deep cleaning and sorting done upstairs and in the kitchen. My children don't like all the attention that I have been paying to the windows, so their behavior has regressed which has made me eat more ice cream and get progressively more frusterated.

Noah is off both Friday and Monday though so maybe we can work on the list this weekend? Or not...

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joolee said...

Seriously!! What did we do before kids? I DO remember peaceful car rides. Now it's at least 3 kids trying to talk to me at once, usually lots of whining that someone is singing too loud, or that someone is "looking" at someone else....then I freak out and turn the radio up as loud as I can hoping to drown out the screams. But they only get louder:( Oh, sorry, I just got back from a crazy trip o Target. My point was......."I know what you mean."