Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"You Just Do What You Gotta Do" part 2

*panicked announcement*

While looking for something else, I (just mere minutes ago) came across a stack of thankyou notes that I wrote but forgot to mail. From a year ago. And some pictures for Grandma Frances from 6 months ago that I apparently forgot to mail. They are now on the counter with the current stack of thankyous that also had gotten shoved under something and forgotten about. I have no idea how these things came to be missed in my very systematic Tuesday night "paper night". Or maybe I have some idea.

hangs head in shame.

really hanging out in a land of "why can't I get it together over here?" tonight.

But, without further ado, here it is,

Straight from our lives...

Last Saturday we came up with another brilliant idea: take the kids with us to the Y, work out while they were in kids stuff and then all go swimming as one big happy family.

After we announced the plan I had a very severe lapse in judgement: I decided to heed my children's request for a change to my very well laid out plan.

Every once in awhile my kids come up with a suggestion like "let's all ride scooters to the park that is 2 miles away" or insist "I DO NOT have to go to the bathroom right now!". Most of the time I open up my mouth and respond, "are you crazy...I will end up carrying all of you and your scooters!" or "I don't care, you are going to go anyway!" But sometimes I suddenly stop and say, "ok".

And that is usually a fatal mistake.

And that is what happened on Saturday. They said, "Let's go to the other Y!"

And I said, "why not?"

So we went. We got there without incident but as we walked toward kidstuff, I realized that the door was closed. Surely not...

But yes, they close their child care at 1pm on Saturdays.


All my plans of working out went through the window, and we decided just to go swimming.

We went into the family locker rooms.

Their family locker rooms don't have toilets in them.

How convenient.

I started tossing trunks to boys. We were one short.

I had forgotten Deacon's trunks.

He looked at me woefully, "this is why you should always count twice, Mom" he said.

Thankfully he had worn a tanktop and nylon shorts to the pool, even though it was about 28 degrees outside. (no jacket either- as of March 1st, he is done with winter and all it's shenanigans).

We decided he would wear his shorts as trunks.

After he was submerged I wondered what he would wear home, I doubted that even he would be interested in walking back outside in wet shorts.

I considered the situation after we got out of the pool.

Obviously, the first thing I did was list our assets:

*Noah had 1 pair of workout pants, one pair of shorts and a long sleeved shirt and a short sleeved shirt. What can I say, he was prepared.
*I had running capris, a tank top and a long sleeved tee
*Deacon had wet shorts and a tanktop
*Roman had one pair of (dirty) pajamas and a coat
*Lincoln had (relatively) clean pants and a (relatively) clean shirt
*Berean had footie pjs and little striped pants and a longsleeved onesie.

Basically Deacon's pant options were men's XL shorts or size 12 month pink striped pants. I also briefly considered fashioning him a sort of MC hammer pant out of Noah's shirt.

Not good options.

He ended up wearing my capris as pants, after all he is only about 80 pounds less than me; and I wore Noah's workout pants.

It was awesome.

I have to say though, I still managed to dash up to the treadmill and run an 8 min mile without Noah's pants falling off of me, and Deacon managed to make 21 baskets in the gym without the capris hitting the floor either.

And now I know, and I will always count twice.


The Rockford Mapa said...

I would have loved to see a pic of the aray of clothing that Deacon had to choose from! What a trooper he is! I hear he will be the mystery guest at the wedding this weekend! Nolan will be thrilled cuz he loves playing with older kids!

Renae said...

Oh my goodness that made me laugh. I can just picture you guys! :)

Johanna said...

hee hee. worst case of everything-that-you-planned-not-working-out-the-way-you-planned ever! but just think, if it'd worked out the way you'd planned, you wouldn't have had anything to blog about! ;)