Saturday, March 26, 2011

Last Weekend, Part 1

Last weekend was my work weekend. It is hard to get into it the first night, but after that I kind of get into a "work zone".

I don't talk alot about my job on here...there is confidentiality in working at a hospital and well, the subject matter in a Medical Intensive Care Unit is not always all that palatable to non-health care types. Let's just say that the job is very people-intensive. I deal with my patients, their families, my coworkers patients, their families, my immediate coworkers, physicians and ancillary personal (lab, pharmacy, radiology etc).

Some shifts are tougher than others, and I am very glad that Noah is supportive on the weekends, takes care of things around here and gives me time to sleep.

Last Saturday morning I was driving home from work (having not slept much the day before) and suddenly remembered that I had committed to bring a meal to someone at church for Saturday night supper.

I had intended to get everything purchased and planned on Thursday/Friday, so that I could easily pull it together for Saturday after I got out of bed. But I had forgotten.

I got home and told Noah about it. I told him to wake me up in a couple of hours so that I could call the people and organize a drop off time. I said I would just plan to pick something up after I got up to bring over there.

I woke up several hours later to an aromatic house. Downstairs, Noah was just putting food in the oven and told me that things would be ready to bring over in an hour. I kid you not, while I was sleeping, Noah:
*called the people to line up a drop off time
*got directions to their house
*found a recipe online
*revamped recipe online into something he thought would work
*took the kids with him to the grocery store to pick up ingredients
*purchased disposable containers for the meal
*made a jello salad for us and the family
*made three casseroles, one for them, one for us and one for our freezer
*got the meal organized and ready for drop off

Now that is an amazing man.
(By the way, the food was amazing too)


gma pam said...

I'm so impressed...what a nice surprise for you! Way to go, Noah!

Thia said...

Very nice.

Johanna said...

oh my gosh! I love your husband!! (not in a creepy, subversively romantic way). That is SO sweet! 10 points for Noah. :)