Thursday, March 3, 2011

An Elementary Parent

Things are different around here now that we have 1 1/2"elementary" aged kids. I have been in preschool/baby mode for so long, that I don't really know what to do with these "new" situations.

Here are a few of them:

1. As we were working on Presidents the other day, Roman asked if today we "were going to get to unlock a new character". whaaht?! A little too much time on the Wii, prehaps?

2. Deacon, Roman and I went swimming yesterday. We played pickle in the middle, volleyball, had races, and completed "swimming-under-obstacles" contests. Can I say what an enjoyable experience is to play in the pool with your kids without constantly having to save their little lives?

3. Deacon prefers to sit with his friends during supper time at church on Awana night.

4. We have to do all of this planning stuff: who is going to drop Deacon off at basketball? Who is going to pick him up? How exactly is he going to get to and from play practice on that particular night?

5. I gave Deacon a hex key the other day and asked him to tighten up all of the chairs. He did, proudly stating, "well, I guess I am the only man around the house when Dad is at work".

6. They can read over my shoulder words that invite more questions than answers.

7. We have had to set internet guidelines, because they are capable of navigating the computer into all sorts of areas.

8. We can do puzzles together and actually play games that are slightly interesting.

9. We can watch movies together that are actually slightly interesting.

10. I opened up the drapes today and noticed that someone had drawn a smiley face very hight up on the sliding glass door. Upon further inspection it appears that it was drawn with a jelly covered finger. Gross.

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