Friday, March 11, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile

1. During ECFE this morning Berean was doing the "wheel" motion to wheels on the bus. She was "dancing" during the other songs and even let the teacher do the Tick Tock song with her. No need to mention that she insisted on eating her star instead of waving it during "Twinkle, Twinkle".

2. My new Patagonia coat that my friend Renae gave me!

3. My new running pants that my friend Kim gave me!

4. The fact that my friends just give me clothes that don't fit them and then I don't have to buy anything!

5. Berean putting Luke Skywalker into Anakin's Starship thing and flying it around saying "woosh, woosh"

6. Roman constantly saying, "I've said it once, and I will say it again"

7. Deacon referring to the shore of Lake Superior as Minnesota's "coast"

8. This Conversation with Roman: We were driving in the car listening to Odyssey. Roman called from the back "Please turn it down, Mom!" I turned it down and he yelled, "Just wanted to tell you that I have made the decision to trust Jesus. Please turn the radio back up now." Apparently he didn't think there was anything further to discuss.

9. Lincoln talking more and more and using words that I never knew that he knew.

10. Getting to spend the whole evening with my sister!

11. Running 5 miles without feeling miserable.

12. Being able to add an occasional 8 minute mile to my running routine

13. Just starting to accrue PTO in January and I already have accrued over 24 hours! I used 8 of them...but that still means that if they call me and ask me to stay home I can do it twice and still get paid for it! Or I could save my time until I need a vacation or am sick, I suppose :)

14. Signs of Spring! (even though currently out my window it is snowing. again.)

15. The hope of a good family day tomorrow.

16. The fact that I scrubbed my kitchen garbage can today. Go me! Why not spend time doing an important activity like that when you have only slept a couple hours? But that is the way it goes, my weird jobs always get done when I am sleep deprived.

17. Berean sleeping with her new Pink Bunny from Grandma Joyce

18. My cousin Ryan's wedding is next weekend- I am not going to be able to attend, but still am excited for them! Congratulations Ryan and Sally!

19. The boys high energy levels make me smile even while they are driving me crazy with all their jumping, running, yelling,wrestling and generally (and constantly) boisterous behavior.

20. My sleep number bed. Goodnight, all.


Karla said...

thanks for putting me on the list...even though I think the reason you were smiling was because you were laughing at me about my vacation.:)

Lesley said...

Love it! And good job on the running - that is truly amazing. Did you ease back into it after having Berean or did you just go out one day and run? I've been working out throughout my pregnancy but am wondering how things will go postpartum when I want to run again. Hoping it's not too painful and hoping I have time! :)

Johanna said...

mostly, i love roman's proclamation of faith. that's entirely precious. and also completely hilarious!