Thursday, March 10, 2011

10 things

1. After a long hiatus from my contacts due to constant irritation, I finally went to the eye doctor, had an exam and got new soft lenses. Only now one of my eyes is irritated and my vision is blurry in that eye as well. Grr...looking for a good lasik surgeon.

2. Yesterday we ran around doing our normal Wednesday activities...but here is the exciting part- we didn't wear jackets! Yeah! After we got home I thought to myself that I can take the kids to places all day long this spring and summer as long as I don't have to deal with jackets anymore! It is amazing how much easier to be jacket-free makes everything.

3. I am still trying to get someone to work for me so I can run a 1/2 marathon at the end of May. I started my training though, and even if I can't actually do the race, at least I will know on that date that I could run 13.1 miles if I wasn't busy saving lives :)

4. One of the cupboards in my kitchen is so poorly organized right now that I have to throw everything in and shut the door really quick so nothing falls out. Well, it may not be quite that bad, but it is close.

5. I am doing pretty well with my 2011 goals, but I am finding that with working every other weekend, that my bigger projects are not getting done. I am faithfully vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms, tidying up etc, but the deeper maintenance is getting missed. I am not sure how to solve that problem.

6. I apparently lucked out with boys #1 and #2 because I now understand the frustration of people with little boys who CAN'T HIT THE TOILET! Oh, Lincoln, please pay attention!

7. When I get the english muffins together in the morning, I separate them into "my pile" and "their pile". My pile has butter and peanut butter and jelly, theirs just have PB and J.

8. We are all waiting for spring. This has been the longest, worst winter in my memory and I can not wait for all the dingy snow to be gone. Once we can get outside I can get down to the serious business of pulling dirt,pinecones and wood chips out of Berean's mouth.

9. I got a new science book for the boys that I am pretty sure I am loving more than they are. Learning is so interesting.

10. My weekend off is coming up and you should see the list of things I want to get done! It is amazing what can be accomplished in a Saturday if you have a plan!


Thia said...

Please share this fantastic science book!

gma pam said...

I remember being way more excited about all the wonderful books, projects, field trips etc. than you girls were!

Matt said...

Which half marathon are you planning on running?

The Three 22nds said...

Thia, it is a book called "Flying Creatures of the fifth day". It is science curriculum that is set up so you spent a whole year (or half a year) on just one subject, but you get really indepth. It is for grades 1-6th I think and is above my kids a little bit, but they can grasp a lot of it.

Matt, it is the Stillwater 1/2. I hope, hope, hope I can find someone to work...otherwise I may sign up for another one. We are also signed up for a couple of tris.