Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Almost One!

She looks so much like me in my one year pictures

if my scanner worked, I would show you

But until then, you will just have to enjoy the pictures of her!


Anonymous said...

There's mischief in those eyes.

Grandma Debbie said...

So cute! She has such varied expressions, but they are so fleeting. You did a great job of capturing some of them.

Elise said...

Alethea and I went to Target last night to pick out Berean's present. We had a great time. Alethea just about hyperventilated from excitement when we went down the baby doll aisle (I normally avoid the toy section when I've got her with me). It was too funny! Anyway, just FYI, she did select the presents all by herself, with my only roll being pushing the cart down the aisles and telling her which items she was pointing to were out of our price range (which is the only reason Berean won't be getting the puppy who barks and wags his tail when you walk by).