Friday, March 25, 2011

Some Quick Funny Things

*Noah brushes the boys teeth by the bathtub. It is easier for the short boys to spit in the tub, because when they spit into the sink it often dribbles down and makes a mess, etc. He was brushing Berean tonight with her baby toothpaste, and all of a sudden we noticed her bending down and "spitting" into the tub. She did it everytime he paused. Obviously, someone has been paying attention!

*We were doing our 50 day spiritual adventure with the boys tonight. Noah asked Lincoln what he does when someone hurts his feelings. "I kick them", Lincoln responded. Well, at least that is some brutal honesty.

Well, I think there were a few other things...but I can't remember them now...I should write these things down!


Thia said...

I only have one child of "spitting" age and thankfully, she doesn't have a problem, but I just read a tip somewhere that a parent has the kids spit into the toilet. Just throwing that out there.

Karla said...

so cute! She watches everything they do!

Johanna said...

umm, i have a friend who literally would kick people in the shins when she got annoyed. she was in college and this behavior was still happening. thankfully she realized this wasn't a great way to demonstrate her maturity and has since stopped. hopefully lincoln will find other ways to deal with the people who annoy him. :D