Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who Wouldn't be Scared of Battery Operated Rodents?

The above image is of a zhu-zhu pet. You can spend lots of money buying the fake hamster friends, outfits, tunnels, cages, racing tracks and all kinds of accessories.

And why wouldn't you? They are all the rage...and they don't even poop or require food!

Just push on their backs, and off they go scooting creepily all over the floor just like a real rodent- only you can also get them in green.

And they won't die in a trap.

We don't have any of these toys, but the boys are aware of them because wait...let me count...I think pretty much all of their friends have them.

Their girl-friends have pink and white ones with tutus. Their boy-friends have camo ones with armour and race tracks.

The boys don't seem to be too bothered by this, in fact, secretly I think they think that the hamsters are really too girly- even if they are in camo.

Over the weekend we were at a friends house and I thought that Berean might enjoy the Zhu Zhu pet. She watched it as it scurried around the floor. And then it came at her. I have never seen anything so funny in my life.

She screamed. She pulled her legs up. She hit at it with her hands. She cried until it was far away.

And yes, we did it again.

She reacted the same way.

I know that was mean.

But it was so funny.

So, if you want to laugh, and you don't mind laughing at the expense of a one year old, and you have Zhu Zhu pets, then invite us over.

It will be fun.


Karla said...

you are mean:) poor sweet baby girl

Johanna said...

ha! that is really mean! :) isn't it funny how funny things that are mean are?

The Three 22nds said...

Noah says I am being really mean (even though he is the one who finds it funny to give pickles to babies- and which practice I frown upon). I am not seriously just going to get Zhu Zhu pets to torment my baby. And I won't give her pickles either.

Elise said...

I wish I could have seen it. It sounds funny! You're welcome over to our house, but we don't have any Zhu Zhu pets, at least not yet...

About the pickles though, Alethea loved pickles when she was little. If we were at a restaurant and she was getting fussy, we'd just give her a pickle slice and she'd suck on it for at least 15 minutes before getting bored. It was her favorite food and she still likes them.