Monday, March 14, 2011

"You Just Do What You Gotta Do" part 1

Straight from our lives...

Last week I had the brilliant idea to drop the van off at the oil change place that is 2 blocks from the school where we attend ECFE. Now the reason that this was going to be so brilliant is that I decided to do it DURING ECFE. You know, park at the station, load three kids into the sit n' stand stroller, wheel it into the amazingly small reception area, give my instructions, awkwardly get stroller and kids out (while being stared at very unhelpfully by the 2 employees) and walk my kids and stroller to ECFE all on a 30 degree but very blustery day.

Brilliant. It seemed so much more efficient than just scheduling the service on a Saturday when Noah could take care of it. (by the way, we got a good deal on a series of oil changes at this particular place- which is why we go there even though they are the crabbiest people and I hate it. But soon, soon, I will pay more and go to a place where the people are happy and the mood is light. Someday...over the rainbow...)

Anyway, all was going according to plan right down to the awkward strollering and the stares of the employees. We got out and headed up the sidewalk. Or, rather up the half of the sidewalk that was no longer covered in snow. I am much more optimistic than realistic when it comes to snow removal in our fair state.

Things went smoothing for the First Block. The Second Sidewalk Block was completely covered in bumpy, lumpy, icy, snow. I pushed forward, however, and only started to sweat a little as I pushed 100+ pounds of kid over Mt. Everest. Or maybe I had forced Roman out of the sledge before we reached the Summit. Who can say?

That drama behind us, we pressed on to Block Three. Block Three was icy, but smooth. I started forward. CRACK. Yes, Block Three was a thin sheet of ice over a 3 inch puddle of icy, cold water. Down we sank, stroller and all. And I was faced with a dilemma. I could not push the stroller forward because the ice sheet was intact in front of us and blocking our wheels. So I had to lift the front of the stroller up on the ice. And it broke. And I did it again. And it broke again. So yes, we had to hobble down the rest of the block in the icy cold water lifting and sinking the stroller over and over again.

I arrived at ECFE with cold, wet feet and children who "wanted to do it again".



Karla said...

haha that is great!

Elise said...

Still laughing as I type this... Sounds horrible and yet somehow everyone else managed to have a good time, huh? Too funny!

Don'tcallmeAngie said...

Oh Julie! You totally had me laughing and smiling despite how awkward it probably was!