Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What Happened on New Year's Eve

Before I explain the rest of the story I have a little bit of important business:

Berean said "muffin" today. Yes, I actually have a child who is just shy of 10 months who not only says "ma ma" "da da" (not always in correct context), but who also says "muffin". This is very exciting for me, because my earliest speaking boy (Roman) did not talk until well on his way to Two and my other boys were well on their way to Three.)

I said, "do you like your muffin?" (why wouldn't she? It had chocolate chips in it) and she said, "ma en". And then she did it again for Daddy on the phone, and again for Grandma on the phone.

New Year's Eve.

(By the way, the dramatic post was written late at night when I had a lot of household tasks to accomplish and so I just decided to leave it the way it was. I thought I would maybe generate a few comments)

I left for work early because the weather was bad. On the interstate it felt really windy and I noticed that I was having to work harder to keep my van in a straight line. In addition there was a lot of salt and snow/ice and you couldn't really see the lines, and there weren't very many cars on the road. I kept wondering if I was hydroplaning or on ice because I felt like I was moving so much.

I took my exit and drove to the bottom of it, took a right turn on red and started driving toward the hospital. And then I got pulled over.

It was very dark, and all I could see was the flashing red lights. I wasn't that upset and was franctically trying to figure out what I had done wrong. I knew that I had not been speeding, the weather was bad and I was under the limit. I had taken the right turn on red, but I had done it a hundred times and never noticed a sign prohibiting it.

The officer came to my window and I rolled it down. I must have looked questioning because he said, "Ma'am, I just wanted to be sure you were ok to be driving."

I answered, "yes, I am fine. I am just on my way to work at the hospital. Is there a problem?"

"You drove over the white line on the interstate a couple of times, I just wanted to be sure you were ok."

"I didn't realize that" I responded, "I am just going to work."

"Alright, have a good night" he said. And then he walked away and I drove on to work.

I really wanted the opportunity to explain to him that the lines were not readily apparant and I had just had my tire rod changed and was wondering if something was not aligned quite right (seems to pull to the right). I wanted to mention the wind. But he didn't want to hear all that. He just wanted to talk to me and make sure I wasn't drinking. And I wasn't. So we were good.

And that is the story of the night I got pulled over for impaired driving.

The end.

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Peter said...

He wanted to see if booze would come pouring out of your car like in that anti-drunk driving commercial.